Monday, July 16, 2012

RWB Hop Schedule Day 16

OK I have to say a great big thanks to both Madame Samm and Jane for being such gracious hostesses and helping us all out with the hop!
I hear there are a few more hops in the works! Hope to see you there! :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bolo Head is at it again... (swap)

OK, So about every four - six months I do 4" charm swaps with Bolo Head. What you say! Well, she is at it again and I would love to extend the invitation out to you!

She Has a great tutorial on how to cut your fabric here.

In the past (my guess is well will follow the same rules) you purchase ten different fabrics. Each at only a quarter yard! Each one is cut into twenty 4" squares... you mail them off to Robyn and in return you get back 200 different 4" squares!

Can I tell you this has been a GREAT way to build my stash and for my bee's I use a LOT of these beautiful fabrics! Last swap was a rainbow one and I was in ALL THREE SWAPS! That is 600 4" squares!!!

OK, this one is a Christmas in July! If you are interested pop on over to Robyn's blog and read on! I have done four swaps with her now and have always had a great time!!

Thanks all! Have a great weekend!!
I have nothing to do with this picture...
I just miss my big computer and
pretty pics on my blog!
 The part will be in soon,
I can once again do pretty pics! LOL
Till then,
 this is just one from my computer! hehe
Josie :o)

RWB Hop Schedule Day 7

July 7th

Have a great Saturday all!! I'm off to a TRIPLE baby shower and girls day!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

RWB Hop Schedule Day 6

More fun!
July 6th
I'm off today, So I think some stitchin is in order, well, I might lift a finger to clean SOMETHING!! LOL But not much! LOL

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red White and Blue

I say red white and wonky!! LOL So this may look a little familiar to a few of you... it is the same pattern (well really is their a pattern for wonky??? I think not) I used for Brandie's Block! :) I kind of got a little bit of a late start at the RWB so only two blocks... unless it is a sleepless night tonight and then maybe I will pull together one more! ;o)
Without further ado I give you the beginning of red white and wonky...
I just love those pesky little 3 inch stars in the corners! hehe They speak to me! I listen! Now I have it all mapped out and there are more in my future! Yes this is the beginning of another quilt! Sheesh! What am I thinking? I know we all LOVE to add another WIP to our lists!!

And what is a wonky quilt without a little negative space... I think I am going to even pop a few BARE NAKED blocks in there! LOL How nutz am I! SSHHHH Don't answer that!! I have not decided on what ALL of the blocks are going to look like, but I think there are going to be lots o small bits in there! And if I get REAL crazy I have tossed around the idea of trying ONE two inch star! LOL Yes, I am asking for a trip to the loony bin! Wait, I'm already there! So, why in the world not!
HEY, thanks all for stopping by for a visit!! I always have SUCH a great time on these here Hops!! Don't forget to check out the rest of the talented stitchers on today's schedule!!!

July 5th
Insanity Defense (that's me! hehe)

Have a great time on the hop!! Thanks again all!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blog Hop Schedule

Pardon me I have just not been a very good hopper! I forgot to post the schedule at the beginning of the hop and I have not pre set them for each day to post. This whole no computer thing is just for the birds! I'm just sayin!
Monday morning I got onto my notebook and found I had over 500 blog posts that I had not yet read. WOW eye opener! Well I did slim my blog following list from 97 blogs down to 73! Now not all of these post every day! Many of them I have on there because they have something I like (I guess I should just save the one page, but I am just not that organized I guess! LOL) At any rate! The following is the schedule for the Red, White, and Blue Blog Hop so far!!

July 2nd

I got great news this morning that after today I get the WHOLE WEEK OFF!!! Can I tell you how much good this does for my soul! Honeyman works on the 4th so I will have the day to myself to 'play'! And then He and The Brat are going to Chicago for a concert (some bands that I do not listen to) So I will have two days in a row that are MINE! (of course I will have the Boy and the Girl, but...)
Ok, Happy Hopping!! My day is Wed!! I guess I had best get something done!! ;o) See y'all soon!!