Monday, November 28, 2011


yes folks, I pulled out Jane. truth be told my body is killing me and I took a few drugs (legal drugs) yesterday and sat on the couch most of the day. I had DVRed the Lord of the Rings trillogy (because I have never seen them) and I sat on the couch with some hand work. This was the stuff that I had preped to take to My Baby Brothers house (and worked on very little while I was there). I have two more in bags and I just might curl up on the couch again this afternoon. I am just sore all over grrr shange of weather!
OK anywhoo

L-13 is Harvest Moon (or in my case wonky circles! LOL they were giving me a tough time)I do so wish there was a way to flip these photos here! This is not how I took it one my camera! Why does blogger insist on changing some of them! LOL I guess I just have to be happy that this is not a photo of a person and now they are lying down! hehe I am cracking myself up and getting a little off subject OK so I know it has been MONTHS since a Jane update, so here I am...
Squares: 57
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 1.072
But wait there is one more on my next post...
See you in a minute,

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  1. I love the print you used in this one-- such a fun block! It looks great.