Friday, April 29, 2011


I decided to tackle the center square! Those round edges! But I tell you, I stitched and cried as I watched the royal wedding (I am such a bawl baby! I cry at the drop of a hat!!) I was rather pleased with the results (both the wedding and the square! LOL)
I called an audible on my next 2 squares! I decided I was not as crazy about the fabric that was chosen!! Recently I recieved 4 fabrics in the mail and LOVED them! I have decided the dark purple is a great contrast and it will be a nice sub for the other material! I may save and use this one for a later square! Or maybe a triangle!!
For now!!
Squares: 22
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0


I was affraid of this one with its inset seams. ( I started B-4 a while back and had to set it aside as I am NOT doing well with the inset seams) But as it turns out I zoomed right throught this one!! Sat last night and watched some 'Weeds' with my Honeyman and stitched the diamonds on and was quite happy with my results!!
Squares: 21
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 443

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was affriad of this one! After my disaster with my last piece I knew how much there was to match up here and with my machine work and my applique I was sure it would be a disaster!! Well it was sitting there on the table and my Honeyman walked by and said 'You know I really like that one!" I have to say I do, too!! I was amazed at how lined up I got them! Yay it really can happen!! Maybe I can stitch up one more before the night is out!!

A Yay after a nay!!
Squares: 20
Triangles: 0
Pieces: 426


Ok, so I am not one to go on about how to's and what nots, but I do have to say... I am always watching tutorials and learning new ways to to everything and i have to say I was enthrawed with this one!! You know how when you need multiple squares from triangles you can cut your 2 squares, make 2 seams down it cut it and you have 2... well this is for making 4! Loved it and thought it was easy!!
Start by cutting your 2 squares (after ataining proper measurements and make sure you leave seam allowance)
place facing each other and sew around 1/4 inch from outside edge as shown here

cut on a 45 degree angle into two and then into four  
Press open and there you are!
I have to say when you have a lot of them to do I LOVED this method!!
OK that being said!! I had a terrible time getting this piece together! GRRRR ARRRRRG!! I tore the corners off more times than I wish to admit and finally recut as my pieces were becoming very unstable!! LOL I think once it is in with all the rest the flaws will somewhat melt away!!
Well all the flaws but the gynormouse one in the center!! Shhhhh with this quilt there is so much going on noone will notice!! Or will they!!!

 Whew just glad this one is in once piece!!
Squares: 19
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 412

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The royal wedding

So I was reading one of the blogs I follw. I was going to leave a comment and then thought about the personal nature of what I was about to write.
With the up coming nuptuals I am brought back in time.
I love how what goes around... I remember my Mother getting up at 4:00 in the morning to watch Charles and Diana get married. She watched in her sewing room on a six inch black and white TV (oh how that TV was her pride and joy when she bought it!! LOL) while working on whatever her latest project was.
As the wedding comes around I am not so much 'into' it as much as into the memory it gives me. I plan on getting up and working on something, anything and remembering my Mom and feeling a little bit close to her. I know she was not a 'royal watcher'. As a matter of a fact if I remember correctly it was my older sister who was nutz into them.
But Every morning as it draws nearer I smile for a moment and think about my Mother and that amazing wedding all those years ago. I wonder if everyone was so cought up in the fairy tale back then, too. I will be watching, but for a much different reason than most, and I guess that is OK.
Three days till the big event,

Monday, April 25, 2011

A low key Easter!!

It was a very different Easter for us!
My 15 year old spent the weekend with my Mother-in-law. My Father-in-law is in Iraq so this way she did not spend it alone. She did however express to me that she really did not want to pull something together and was really not in thre mood for celebration!!
I was VERY thankful that my Honeyman was not working at the firestation this year (This year, as it falls, he is working July 4th and Christmas day).  We did make a big meal and at around one but it was just the two of us and our little ones. It was kind of nice to have a laid back kind of day.
On a stitching note I started working on a square and after having a time trying to line up the silly triangles I decided it was best for me to set it aside and spend time with the family, rather than swearing at the silly thing that was just not going well for me!! GRRRRRR
Maybe today when I get the Babies down for naps I will recut pieces ( I think I have torn the other one apart so many times that it is in everyones best interest just to start again....) and stitch it up in the quiet of naptime!!
I hope everyones weekend was Blessed with family and great times!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Three in one day!! YES! I am on a roll! But I think I might have to stop there! Well maybe!! I loved doing this one. I got to it under the blanket with my little dog (Archie) and watch some TV and stitch away!! The wind is blowing and the rain is still coming down and there is a chill in the air even in my house! Oh spring, where are you!!
Although that will also cause a crafting delema as I will be outside more... but for now here she is another square for the day!!
I am so pshyched I only have nine more in the purples and then I move on to another colour! I know I could do it now, but that is just not me!!  I do have to say I have tried SEVERAL settings on my camera and I am not the best photographer, but the colours are just not translating to film! I think it is just me and my lack of knowledge on how to use the darn thing! Oh well!! Gonna see if I can't get noe more done before my Man gets home! (he is treating me to Chinese food tonight!! Another yay I do not have to cook!!)
Hopeing for a warmer day,
Squares: 18
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 371


OK so then there was this one!! WOW I redid the 'corset' three times and the third one decided this is as good as it gets!! I think it turned out pretty well, but not my favorite!!
Still, I am working on them and figuring out good and bad!!
Oh well!! They can't all be our best work! hehe
Squares: 17
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 360


Rainy day outside! perfect day for some sewing!! I had my Honeyman pick out the next fabric I was going to work on. He, after all, did help me pick most of them out in the store! I have already decided what fabric goes to what squares (in purple anyway) so when he picked out this fabric...I had to do the easier of the two squares first!!
A nice go together easy piece (well after I figured out I cut the corner triangles to small and had to recut them, but they were put to good use in the next square!!
Busy girl today,
Square: 16
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 332

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Can I start by saying that my Honeyman is the best in the whole wide world!! Tonight he took our 3 kids out to Happy Joes Jungle Bungle and left me at home for two and a half hours!! All by myself!! It was glorious silence!! I got to spend time on a square!! mmmmmwwwaaa!! He is amazing!!
I loved this piece!! It was very tedious, but with a house alone it wasw nice to be able to just focus on one thing!! And just one thing!! I think it might be one of my best squares to date..not my favorite, but most deffinately my best!!

My kids are home from school Friday, but I am thinking maybe I can do a little stitching around them!! Maybe!!
Squares: 15
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 319

A box of joy!

So I have not had a chance to get a lot accomplished around here (other than spring cleaning). But today I got the most wonderful package in the mail!! Kim had a name the creepy bunny contest, but I have not the best imagination. Well someone else came up with Bunny and Clyde!! Loved it!! I did make a suggestion that Clydes' last name (IRL) was Barrows and I could not pass up the 'Burrows" pun!! Well Kim thought it was a great idea, too!! She named her bunnys 'Bunny and Clyde Burrow'! I love it!! Much to my surprise she added a little something in for me!!

Oh what lovely spring colours she chose! It was a pick me up on a gloomy day!!
I love that there are wonderful people out there! I do so hope that I am that person as well!!
Have a blessed and wonderful day,

Friday, April 15, 2011

So I'm a cheater!!

OK I decided that a twin wa not ok for a baby gift...and well I have another friend who will be having a girl in July... the face was big enough to make 2...
Aint I just a stinker!!

I do have to go grab a new fabric for the green border, the more I looked at the one I had on hand the more I did not like it!! So I think I will do a green border and a pink border and maybe ggrab enough of the green to do the outdine binding in green, too!! I am hopeing to get out of my house today so I can have something to keep my hands busy for the weekend!! (We will not mention I have not been out of my house in a week and a half!!) So maybe Sunday I will have 2 quilts ready to quilt!! yay lets hope so!!
Looking forward to a keeping busy weekend (because it is gonna be COLD here this weekend),

Monday, April 11, 2011

Babyish gift...

Some days I do not know where my mind is! OK well a lot of days! My besty (best friend Kathie) just had her first granddaughter!! Nola Ruth was born on Tuesday!! And Mommy is a gal I went to High School with! So I got started on a gift!! Got the center together and then realized that it is a twin pattern... AHHHHH
How big to make it??? Will probably stick with the pattern! 

Well, I guess it is going to be a gift for the future! Little girl gift! I layed it out on my floor (horrible green 70 year old carpet) and WOW it was a great match! LOL  I still have to add the 2 borders and then on to the fun stuff!!
Oh, and go buy a new Ironing Board! Mine decided to break! And it is not worth trying to salvage! Here's to a day fo baby gifting! Oh, Gabriel (spelling might be wrong) with 2 more names...was born on Wed!! He is in the NICU, but going to get out by Monday! All these babies! I am SOOOO glad I am past that!
Happy Quilting,