Monday, April 25, 2011

A low key Easter!!

It was a very different Easter for us!
My 15 year old spent the weekend with my Mother-in-law. My Father-in-law is in Iraq so this way she did not spend it alone. She did however express to me that she really did not want to pull something together and was really not in thre mood for celebration!!
I was VERY thankful that my Honeyman was not working at the firestation this year (This year, as it falls, he is working July 4th and Christmas day).  We did make a big meal and at around one but it was just the two of us and our little ones. It was kind of nice to have a laid back kind of day.
On a stitching note I started working on a square and after having a time trying to line up the silly triangles I decided it was best for me to set it aside and spend time with the family, rather than swearing at the silly thing that was just not going well for me!! GRRRRRR
Maybe today when I get the Babies down for naps I will recut pieces ( I think I have torn the other one apart so many times that it is in everyones best interest just to start again....) and stitch it up in the quiet of naptime!!
I hope everyones weekend was Blessed with family and great times!!

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