Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Bee Blocks

Done with all of my September Bee Blocks (YAY) So,  this month everyone asked for fun bright colours! I have to say thanks! I did go out and of course do a little adding to my every growing stash!!

Bee Creative 2012:   Block for Erin She wanted Grey, orange, blue, and cream (it really is off white not white! I promise) Love how quickly these blocks went together! Toughest part was choosing what fabrics to use! Because I LOVE all of them! :o)

Comfort Quilts was another Postage stamp! (I forgot to take pics of last months postage stamp out of 2 inch squares for We Bee Learning OOPS) These were 2 1/2 inch and she wanted fun bright colours! I have to say I am sorry, I do not have 100 fabrics in my stash (yet) so I used 50 fabrics and duplicated each of them! I hope it will still be great!

We Bee Learning Was Arrows in fun bright colours! I am in LOVE with this purple! I think I used it in three of my blocks this month! LOL And the crazy bright make yours eyes go crazy orange... I used that in all four of my swaps! I just love how it pops out and gives the square movement!!

So I made a mistake!! (Imagine that! bwahahaha) For my last swap, Beejeebers, she asked for a strippey rainbow star blockey guy (what name would you call this block???) anywhoo can I tell you how much I LOVE this block!! Really, if she had not just had us do this one I might think real hard about using it for my turn (next month) but my son gave his orders and he wants, wait that is for next month... OK so when I was putting this block together I had written on each square where to put the colours... I did it 100% back-ass-wards!!! But hey, that means i get a block out of the deal, too right! LOL

WRONG counterclockwise!!! OOPS
Correct clockwise rainbow

I guess if you are going to mess up on something make it something you really like! Now I have to decide what I am going to do with this orphan!! I thought about a pillow, but I also thought I might like a whole quilt out of it! But man I really don't have that many fabrics and it would kind of get repetitive! Maybe I will keep it in the back of my mind and another Bee down the road I will request it!! ; o D Ladies your blocks will be in the mail by Friday!!
OK all, I am off! I have LOTS of stuff to get done! The fall blog hop is umm getting ever so much closer every day!! YAY I love fall!!
Josie :o)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspiration from Eucher!!!

Do you play Euchre? Well, when Honeyman and I got together it was VERY big in TX. He and I would play with his Mom and Step-Father. When we moved back to IL, other than my parents we had very few friends to play with! We know a few couples that one plays and the other does not... poo!! Anyway!! So, at the beginning of the summer Honeyman was driving past Governors (a local restaurant) and they had up on the sign that they had Euchre ever Tuesday! UUMMM YAY!! But to be honest Tuesday is not the greatest day for us! My quilt guild meeting is on the first Tuesday of the month and in the fall the Boy has Boy Scouts on Tuesday night! Big BOO!! So over the summer we did go! We took his Brother one night when he was visiting! We took my Dad for his Birthday, and we took one of our friends husbands, just because he was having a BAD week and needed to get out! OK So while Honeyman was there last week one of the other guys was telling him that a local hole in the wall bar had it on Wednesday nights and it was usually a great turn out as well! So last night Honeyman and I fed the kids and headed out to play Euchre! And a hole in the wall it is... but LOOK AT THIS!!!
I was talking to Howard (the guy who told us about this place) and I looked up in the middle of a sentence!!! HOLY MOSES!!! The ceiling was BEAUTIFUL! I am only sorry that my photos don't do it much justice!! The owner said they were original all but one side where they had been damaged and replaced with some different tiles! Maybe when we go back I will be sure to get a pic of that part!
OH! And just so y'all know... I won first place at Euchre last night! $100!! Sweet!! I have won second and third at Governors but never first! (we have only gone five weeks and three of those I won $! Yay me!)
Hey, I have some stitching to get done while the little ones are asleep! There is  certain Fall Blog hop coming up!! More on that later so be sure to watch out for it!!
And I'm off!!
Josie :o)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sometimes I forget...

That I had something to tell you and then I get so busy and I just forget! Well I don't know if you remember, but a while back (in July) I said I would be MIA for the two weeks! Well if  didn't say it I meant to say it! LOL Here is how the story goes!
I even made bags! LOL
When we got home from our vacation in Wisconsin there was a baby shower invite! It was for THREE of my cousins (well Second cousins or something but to me they are all just cousins)! My Cousin Ruth Ann's Daughter Courtney and DIL Whitney are due in Sept and Oct and another cousin Megan is due in Oct as well (these are three of my Aunt Rita's Grandchildren)! So they decided to have one big shower for all three!!! As it turns out plans fell through for my cousin Megan who lives in California, however through the advancement of technology we Skyped her in!! LOL How awesome is that!! But I digress!! I had TWO WEEKS to get three quilts done!!! UUmmmm let us all recap! I have pieced SEVERAL quilts... I had (prior to this) NEVER quilted a whole quilt!!! But I was gonna do it! that is all there was to it!! I decided to go with the same pattern for all three! One is having a girl, one a boy, and the other chooses not to know!! So I did different colours!! I pieced! I basted! And I QUILTED!! Yay me!! And then I bound! wow that was a LOT of binding (I even sat through a visitation and funeral while binding! But I know Audrey would have smiled to see me doing that!)
 When they opened them they were all very happy! (the girl standing up is another cousin Ginny, standing in for our Skyped in Mommy! LOL) (and I was relieved!) The backs of the quilts have a pinwheel from each of the other ones quilts! So this new generation will be bonded as well!! I can not wait to see these new little ones!! Let the babies begin!!
That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

Boy, Girl, and Baby Jost!! LOL