Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspiration from Eucher!!!

Do you play Euchre? Well, when Honeyman and I got together it was VERY big in TX. He and I would play with his Mom and Step-Father. When we moved back to IL, other than my parents we had very few friends to play with! We know a few couples that one plays and the other does not... poo!! Anyway!! So, at the beginning of the summer Honeyman was driving past Governors (a local restaurant) and they had up on the sign that they had Euchre ever Tuesday! UUMMM YAY!! But to be honest Tuesday is not the greatest day for us! My quilt guild meeting is on the first Tuesday of the month and in the fall the Boy has Boy Scouts on Tuesday night! Big BOO!! So over the summer we did go! We took his Brother one night when he was visiting! We took my Dad for his Birthday, and we took one of our friends husbands, just because he was having a BAD week and needed to get out! OK So while Honeyman was there last week one of the other guys was telling him that a local hole in the wall bar had it on Wednesday nights and it was usually a great turn out as well! So last night Honeyman and I fed the kids and headed out to play Euchre! And a hole in the wall it is... but LOOK AT THIS!!!
I was talking to Howard (the guy who told us about this place) and I looked up in the middle of a sentence!!! HOLY MOSES!!! The ceiling was BEAUTIFUL! I am only sorry that my photos don't do it much justice!! The owner said they were original all but one side where they had been damaged and replaced with some different tiles! Maybe when we go back I will be sure to get a pic of that part!
OH! And just so y'all know... I won first place at Euchre last night! $100!! Sweet!! I have won second and third at Governors but never first! (we have only gone five weeks and three of those I won $! Yay me!)
Hey, I have some stitching to get done while the little ones are asleep! There is  certain Fall Blog hop coming up!! More on that later so be sure to watch out for it!!
And I'm off!!
Josie :o)


  1. Congratulations on your win! WTG! I've never played Eucher but maybe I should start learning if there's money to be made. That ceiling tile is beautiful. Thanks for sharing today.