Monday, May 30, 2011


It's off to the funny farm I go!! hehehehehaha!! So I had to set tis one down last night! There is something wrong when you have to change to another pieces after only 4 stitches!! You know the more I thougth about this square the more I thought that it would almost come together nicer if I had appliqued bias stripping into the right pattern... anyone with me on that one!! Again my machine really did not like the little bitty bits! I udes strips and cut them down to size as I went, but the were still only 3/4" strips!! What do you do!! hehe Yes you just lose a little more of you sanity (if you ever had any to begin with)!
So with this one I celebrate teh finishing of my pink squares!! YAY!!
hhmmmmm now what to do... I only need one more brown and I will have all of my brown fabrics! But alas I am going shoping today!! Maybe i could get lucky and find the rest of my blues, too!! But there is also the dilema I have NONE of my reds or oranges!! very few yellows, but over half of my greens and blues!! oh the choices!!
I hope everyone is hitting teh big memorial day sales, or grilling out with your family! (my Honeyman is on a 48 hour stretch)
Happy holiday weekend!
Squares: 48
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 929 (wait I just hit over 800 the begingin of last week and now you got it!!)


  1. Beautiful work! Blocks like this made me happy that I was handpiecing. Those tiny little bars are easier to deal with by hand than in my machine (which likes to eat things that small!).

  2. I love your block, I have not done this one yet, wow lot of pieces :-)

  3. I was feeling so bad that I could not comment or e-mail you as your address is missing from your Blogger Profile.

    Your block looks wonderful and I can not imagine piecing that one on a sewing machine.

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