Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lillian into Middle School!!

This month has just been NUTZ!! The kids are going on field trips and wrapping up the school year. Lil's IEP is done, she has been preparing for the transition into Middle School ( I think she is much more prepared than I)!!
My Lillian getting ready for her leg of the QC marathon with an Iron Man pushing her!! She was SO proud!!

I walked the halls with one of her 'handlers' and just cannot imagine her making it from one class to the... oh look shiny object, hey I know you, how you doin!! My Lovely Lillian is so distractable!! I do think they need to send out a news bulletin to the entire staff and let them know that if stoped in the hall by my 'chatty cathy' to encourage her to move along!! She is so friendly she will stop and talk to EVERYONE she knows! And let me just say the teachers at the Elementary tell me she knows all of them and their names even the two janitors! LOL We did agree on early dismissal from each class to allow her a little more ease of movement in empty halls, and those stairs... can I just tell you my heart drops every time I think of all those stairs!! It is a three story building!! And my Lil does not do the best on a flat surface... they did say there is an elevator, but bless my Lil's heart, the other kids don't use it and she does not want to either!! I will get through this, I will get through this, I will, I will, I will!!
Thank you for letting me get this out!!


  1. She will do just fine, don't you worry!

  2. I agree, she will do fine. Kids usually do better than we as parents often think!