Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers Day and my two week Insanity Defense

I know I will miss these young days! I got a marigold  from my 9 year old son, a beatiful paper basket with home made flowers from my 10 year old daughter (she has special needs and sometimes her gifts are the sweetest) and my husband got me bracelets and earrings I have been asking for for a year now. He had to work on Sunday so I got my gifts on Saturday.
My oldest Daughter and I do not speak. Yes we live in the same house but we speak not a word. It really breaks my heart that I get not even a Happy Mothers Day from her.
I did get to get out of the house on Sunday. My Sister and Dad came over to watch my children. I had to go out of town for a rehersal! Playing in a Flute quartet at a wedding in 2 weeks and this was our first rehersal!! AHHHHH I like to be a little more prepared than that!! I drive almost an hour to where our rehersal is! But I love the time to reflect and just be! I have to say that for the mext two weeks this music is going to be my 'insanity defense' !!! He really hit me with some hum dingers this time!! The bride wants all upbeat and 'happy
 music!! One of the requests was Mozarts Eine Kleine Nachtmusik!! And Jay (the band director) decided we are gonna try to do ALL of the movements!!
Now I do have to be fair and say some of it we have played before! But WOW!! Nine pages for one song is just!! OK I guess the last wedding it was Pachelbel's Cannon in D!! And if you don't think you know that one you do!! Even my non-classical Honeyman knew that one!! LOL But is ia a bear to play in a flute quartet!! I do play with some VERY amazing musicians and am just flattered they would let me particapate!!!
Well, i'm off for now for my morning run through and figure out what I can write down as good enough and what I have to sleep with under my pillow so I can learn it!! LOL
Have a great day!!

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  1. How fun! I often miss playing music... I did clarinet all through school as well as piano.