Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So mu husband has been a jem and given me a breather. he is doing the Dr. thing for me with our daughter. She is in a care facility and will be there probably till teh end of the week, or so I hope it is only that long...
Anyway. I decided a nice simple block would be best and not anything that was going to frustrate me, I do have to keep my sanity somehow!!
I loved doing this block and Tom and I had a good giggle over me cutting a piece from the center of the material just so I would have the right look for the middle of this block! My Mother always said that was why she was not a quilter! She could not understand cuttin in the middle of a piece just for a small bit!! I just loved the way this one turned out! It was a nice little escape from my tears and nonstop frustrations.
I did add some piece to the edges of the center triangles. That is how the original was done and I kind of thought it added something to it! I know the Brenda Papadakis pattern was not written that way, but I liked the addition.
I hope to continue to work through the tears and am so blessed to have such an amazingly strong husband.

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