Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So i was able to sneak one in while the extra kids were sleeping (oh, I watch 2 two year olds, and at the end of the summer it will be two newborns and these two will be close to 3) and my kids upstairs 'cleaning', I know that all of us Mothers will have a good chuckle over that one.

Anyway!! Not to bad a square!! Came together pretty easily. still thinking about redoing the one corner. But for now I will put it in my box mark it as done and see how much it bugs me when I take it out in another week or 2!! Oh, Yes I have begun to rip one of them apart already (no mention of names, simplicity) oh me oh my!! What a lot of funny things go by!!
It is cold and gloomy outside and I am going to sit with an applique piece and see if I can't get that done before nap is done and hubby gets home!!
Family game nigth and I have deemed it a PJ day in my house!! Maybe there will be hot chocolate with game night!!
Have fun with someone you love,

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