Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Now where was I...

Camper is half way packed, squares ready for hand stitching...and we are off!! Well at 5:00 in the morning we will be off! I cannot wait!
But I also cannot wait to get back! I decided to do a stitch along!! Simple things ( tried to add the button, but either I was not doing it correctly or it was not cooperating)!! Carol and Kelly (ok first time I have tried to link something so I hope I did it right) are hosting it! Carol has a larger version and Kelly has a smaller! I know I will be behind, but when I get home I will be down a kid (mommy will have a baby while I am on vaction) So I should be able to make up lost time!! I have not gotten fabric, but I have my list of what I need and am hoping that San Antonio might have some shops!! YAY!!
I will miss reading all the blogs I follow, but I know when I get to my Brother's house I will be able to pop on over there!!
Can't wait to see my Baby Brother!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Maybe I can win!!

OK if you do not already watch Jaybird Quilts, she is having a giveaway! I love joining in and maybe someday I will win!! The fabrics are Pink Chalk and some of them are just way to yummy!!
Jump over to her and check her out!! She makes such beautiful quilts and has new patterns to come out soon!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What do I start with...

Darien and I

Well not much square work this weekend! Saturday was the Race for the Cure! My boy and I along with a rather roudy group of my girlfriends marched our way through the 5K!! The morning was VERY blustery day! But anything was better than the 2010 race that never started!! LOL We were lighteninged out!! A great time was had by all!!

Lillian camping!!
And I cannot let it go without saying that today is my Miss Lillan's birthday!! She is 11 today!! It is so hard to believe the kid grow up so fast!!  She got clothes, goggles (oh she is a fish in the pool!) and a book!
This is my Lillian last year! We went camping for a week starting on her birthday! She made that crown and wouldn't you know it she wore it EVERY day!! Did not matter where we went the 'birthday crown' came with!! I love that girl!!

Oh, have to go make burgers and sing to my birthday girl!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


So prep one, work on one...right!! hehe!!
grrrr just realized that there is a definate up and down left to right pattern to the daisies and ONE of my squares is going the wrong way!! AAHHHHHH not gonna worry, it will be OK. bite finger hold breath and drop it into the done pile!!
Squares: 51
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 985


My other toile!! Yay!! (just could not resist putting some together even though I am supposed to be prepping)
and again it turned it...well I know we all have had those days!! LOL
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 960


I don't think I have ever said but I love (hang on have to make sure I spell it right) toile!! Yes I do! I just could not pass it up and if I find some in blue I might just have to grab that up, too!! We will see!! I just love it!!!
And of course the photo thing is not cooperating, but... you get the idea!! I was affraid of using the beige background with my white base, but in the end I know there will be so much going on that it will all work!!!
Squares: 49
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 938

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prep, prep, prep!!

My baby brother!! The big teddy bear always looks so mean!!
So on the 23rd (VERY early in the morning) we are leaveing to make the long trip down to TX to see my baby brother. He is also my only brother, stands 3 inches taller than me and is a large shouldered man!! He turns red when I call him my Baby brother, so I do!!
Anyway!! We are in IL and I have not seen my brother in three years this summer!! That is WAY to long!! He bought a house, last summer, and I cannot wait to see it!! We are going to pull our camper down there and take two days to make the trip!! I do NOT drive the beast so I will have LOTS-O-TIME on my hands!! I know there will be several stops for the kids, my little dog, (big dog is staying with friends) and gas and such, but what to do in the mean time...
I have began my hand sewing prep work!! There are Nine of my brown squares that are either all applique, finish with applique, or start with! I might omit the one that starts with and then is machine finish, but not sure yet!! I have them all traced, now to cut, press, and apply my freezer paper!! I will put each block in its own little zip-lock and yay I might jut get something accomplished while we drive!! We will get back probably very late on July 3rd (Honeyman has to work July 4th :-P so had to cut is short by one day) so lets all cross our fingers and hope I have most of them done buy the time we get back!! 18-20 hours worth of drive time each way...I think I can, I think I can!!!
I may slide a block or two in while I am doing prep work!! Lets see....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Insane mind

So I have decided to do my brown blocks next. My Honeyman just sat and shook his head when I started labeling my material and deciding what to use where!! So a I alone on this one...
 Ok well I gues the picture thing is not going to cooperate, but ya'll get the jist!! This is my Jane Bible!! Before I even put needle to thread I went through decided what was going to be what colour, I also (because I have no stash to use) decided I would use each fabric twice! The page on the left (or top as it may be) is my list of squares by colour and the grid on the right is what I used to map it out...I did tell ya'll that I am just a bit OCD right!! This is why I have to stop and breathe when my squares do not come out just right!! I fip to the front of my book and remind my self that 'finished is better than perfect' (Yes, I did that on a piece of graph paper, too)
   Anyway!! The other day I decided I have gotten my all my browns so that is where I will be drawn to next!! YAY BROWNS!!  I washed them, sat down mapped them out, and now...I get to begin!! So here come the browns, (oh and hopefully the very last purple that has been taunting me!!)...
  Wish me luck!! (and a little inside time here and there when the pool is not beconing me)

Monday, June 6, 2011

So I haven't really been doing nothing!!

Summer is here!! YAY! I have my pool set up... now hold off your jelousness is it only three feet deep and eigth feet round! But don't get me wrong I can still lay in there with my Honeyman and each of us have our own float and we still have room for the kids to splash around us!! O.K so here's the outdoor chairs and cushions were HORRID!! We bought them 6 years ago when we moved into the house and they have spend a winter (or two) covered in snow!!

 Yes my friends these were my cushions!! (and if I am being honest... this is one of the two better ones!!) We will not even begin to think what shape the REALLY bad ones were in!!
But my friends just laughed and said we were outside and it did not matter! Well it mattered to me! But my Honeyman (being the tight walleted man that he is) would not spring for new ones!! and at $30 a piece 6 chairs... that's more than we paid for the whole set

So... I went Memorial day and used my coupon and got material for half price plus 10% off and for just over $60 I had material for all 6 chairs!! In comes Jane (hehe that is what I have named my machine! That is why I got her and well it just fit!) I did decide to reuse the batting on the inside of the chairs. It was not in that bad of shape and save a little Money, too!! 
But wait...I can't end my story there!! I could not put my new beautiful cushions on the chipping old chairs... SO!!!

 The chairs go a face lift as well! They went from tan to black!!
So here is the finished product... stripped on one side and the pattern on the other!! Shhh don't make fun of me I got the first one put together and realized I had inverted the pattern on the back and seat!! OOPS!!

                                            So guess what... you got it they are ALL that way!! 
                                                                    Sheesh I love me!!

Thanks all! Now get outside and enjoy if you have beautiful weather!!