Monday, May 23, 2011


Another one that was made SOOOOO simple by 'That Quilt'!! I do wonder in the end how many pieces this cuts down by doing a square this way. and I do think in the end it uses a lot more material!! But I have to say for someone like me the simpler the better!! I can tell you this took two and a half episodes of Law and Order (that includes cutting, tracing, ironing and sewing) and I can assure you it would have been double that time if I had to sew on eight melons!!
I decided since my oops on the other one with the 'bamboo' I did intentionally make the inside go one way and the outside go the other direction!! I know it is a minor thing, but to me it is those things that put your personality into something like this! And after all I am VERY off center and a LOT querky!! hehe
Now if only I can work on not stitching so very tightly!! I am heavy handed in everything I do!! I crochet VERy tightly!! I decided I cannot knit because my tention was so tight that i was having a difficult time picking it up! And when playing my instrument the instructor who put together the wedding asked if I was mad at my Flute!! LOL I am working on lightening up!! But I do not forsee this happening any time soon!! Even as I type the poor keyboard is asking why I am so angry with it!!
Maybe two more today while my Honeyman is on shift!!
Squares: 38
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 723

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  1. It turned out wonderful! For such small blocks it is amazing the time it takes to make them, but worth it in the end.