Friday, November 1, 2013

Sunshine's Quillow Started

I have begun Sunshine's Quillow! I guess I have to back up a step! When my baby Brother was home for my Dad's triple bypass he saw Lillian's quillow and asked if I could make one for each of his girls! There is his girlfriend Sunshine (yes, her real name not a nickname) and her three daughters Terra, Desiray, and Karina. Of course I said yes, because any time someone wants to buy me fabric to do work I'm all in!! He asked each one what their favorite colours were and HE chose what patterns to use for their quillow, OK I may have given him a little direction and guided him toward some of the patterns!
Ruler is TO small!!
9 'sunshines!
OK So Sunshine's birthday is the end of November (two days after Sean's) so he wanted hers done first. No problem! I have NEVER used a Dresden ruler and did not own one and since we were going for 'sunshines' well Dresden it was!! My only problem was I wanted the 'blades' to be about 12 inches and the only ruler I could find was only 8 inches. Well, I made it work because that's the kind of gal I am!!!
I have all of the fans (or in this case suns) finished and am planning to get the 9 blocks quilted up today. I am going to to the QAYG method to join them like I did for Lillian's!
LOOK it is a sun!!!
I just LOVE how simple the quilting is and LOOK on the back it gives the appearance of a sun!! I know I am such a geek! But I own it!! LOL

Quilting on the front

 Sean also requested that instead of just putting her name on it I do 'You are my Sunshine'! Well I am just the bestest sister in the whole wide world so you know I did!!!
OK friends! I have 9 more of these to get done!!
Have a great day!
See you soon!
Till then...
Quilt on friends!!