Tuesday, June 24, 2014


SO, here's the ugly truth... I have been SWEARING at my long arm! I CANNOT get the tension right! I get it! I REALLY do! eyelashes = top tension to loose or bobbin to tight!! Well I CAN'T tighten the top any more! I have had to loosen it because it was TOO tight! thread breaking!! So I loosened the screw on the bobbin!! I CAN NOT loosen it any further! And I am STILL getting eyelashes!! I'm just gonna show ya! Brace yourselves...
                                                                                                                                         So I didn't change ANYTHING between these 3 photos! Same Bobbin same stitching! And yet about 1\3 of the stitching has eyelashes! IN THE MIDDLE of the rest of the stuff! I just don't get it! I am pretty steady with my stitching. I do use a stitch regulator and not a constant speed so in theory even if I am not even it SHOULD keep up with me! (believe me when I say I am NOT a quick stitcher! LOL)
No eyelashes???
This quilt is for a little guy and I did throw in a snake a snail and a puppy dog tail! These pics are from the back of the quilt. The from is white so they are not very noticeable from the front! But that was what I wanted! It is all together possible that his name is ALSO on the quilt! But since he is not yet here I can't really share that part!! I am going to leave the quilting eyelashes and all! (Her daughter after all has the first quilt I EVER fully finished) 

Eat Play Sleep Repeat 
The pattern is Baby Life Quilt from Moda Bake shop I have had this one on my must do list for some time! I did have to alter it because I only had a yard of the background. So I made the outer border orange with white polka dots! I hope to get this bound and washed up in the next day or two!  
Happy stitching!
I haven't decided yet what to bind it with... I will probably go with blue! OH, I have more polka dot binding from my last quilt still!! That would work nicely!!

 OK friends! Wish me luck!! Have a GREAT day!!


Monday, June 2, 2014

EPP ...

Well summer has hit!! We have been spending oodles of time outside and I have not been able to sit down at my machine! (I do so miss her!!) OK That is only kind of true! I did get some obligations finished!
Corn hole bags
Corn Hole Boards

My BFF Becky has twin boys who graduated high school and she was making corn hole bag sets for them. It did my heart good to work with Becky on these and she LOVED being able to give them to her AMAZING young men! We worked on the boards and she painted them. I made the bags for her.

Little cuddles!

Another Girlfriend of mine is getting a new puppy and she wanted to take it a cuddly blanket while it waited to come to them (it was not old enough yet) she bought a blanket but it was WAY to big for her little pup (a wiener!) So she brought it to me and I cut it into FOUR little cuddlers! It did have minky and I kinda swore at it a bit!! LOL but they got done!!

My son has GROWN like a weed!! ALL of his pants are WAY to short for him! Well, sometimes I'm cheap thrifty! One of the pairs was a SOLID three inches to short, but to big in the waist... I have a SKINNY husband SO!! I cut them, seamed them, and distressed the hem and now Honeyman has a new pair of shorts!! His only complaint is that the pockets are to short (they were boys and I guess that is a difference!) Oh well! I said put less things in your pockets! LOL

Perfect little containers!
I have decided to work on EPP so I have hand work while we travel and have begun to cut and work! I tend to be a LITTLE stressed when we pull our camper and hand work keeps me distracted and yet I can still talk! We have a six hour drive father's day weekend! I need more papers and wouldn't you know it the place I order from is MOVING and I have a deadline to get them here!! I had to order from somewhere else! Oh, well! They will be here in plenty of time!
 I have one just about finished (it has one more hexi to attach!

Let the adventure begin!!
See you soon friends!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Orange & Blue Beauty

Orange and Blue Beauty
I am so happy I made it in time to link up with Connie for Tuesday linky! I have finished my largest quilt to day! This quilt is inspired by Bonnie Hunter's Blue Ridge Beauty! I chose not to lay it out in a traditional barn raising I found another picture that inspired the layout, (however she used 120 blocks and I have 196!!)
I made this quilt for one of my dearest friend and her Hubby. They are Illini fans and I decided that blue and orange would be a great combo for this quilt!

Mother nature!!
Mother nature was NOT cooperating with me for the photo op this morning! We have 40-45 MPH winds gusts and this is what I got most of the time!! Oh well! 


I let my friend choose the backing for her quilt (however, I still don't know if she realizes the quilt is for her!!)! I love the fun butterflies she chose to pop down the middle! We purchased all that they had so it was only a small pop!!I also found a flaw in the orange material as I was doing the final pressing (of course I had the WHOLE back pieced!) SO I patched it with a butterfly!! Maybe I should have put a few more on there to make it not so obvious! But NO! I only think of that now!
I quilted the body of the quilt with a flowering clam shell in orange thread and LOVE how it came out! I did however have a problem with the borders and think they are a little wobbly. I'm still learning on my new long arm and think it turned out well! 
Quilting close up

 My friend also chose the binding, however, I have to say we all know I LOVE it because the two things I LOVE when it comes to binding... Bias stripes, and polka dots!! You add the two together and I am OVER THE MOON! Even if it is blue! ;0)

More binding
The quilt finished at about 90 x 90, so plenty to cuddle under! Honeyman however pointed out to me that the largest quilt I have made so far is for our shortest friends! I love that man!!
I hope everyone has a great day!!
See you soon!
Till then...
Quilt on friends!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back to the Beast! (AKA my long arm!)

OK! I was asked about more info on the Beast! I guess that post should have come first! LOL
The back story is... As you may know I quilted along with Bonnie Hunter this year! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Celtic Solstice! I am... spacially challenged! did I realize that a King sized quilt was so big... nope! Kind of like when I bought the furniture that was in our living room! Oh well, live and learn! So, I found challenges in just trying to photograph the monster quilt! And then it dawned on me, if I don't have a room large enough to lay it on the floor how am I going to pin baste it?? I know many people put it on tables and move them over and clip and blah, blah, blah! That didn't appeal to me either! Plus, I would  need to buy 2 or 3 more boxes of curved pins! Who wants to do that!
 I talked with Honeyman and much to my astonishment he began to look on line! Now, I knew that the $12,000 machines were a little more than what he wanted to spend! Plus, this is a beginning machine for me! I have NEVER touched a long arm! He found a small Juki on line and we began to look into that. When I spoke to the lady at the store she explained that with a 9 inch throat you loose about 2 inches from the bar (I did not know this!) So... an 18 inch throat it had to be!! The lady was wonderful to work with and got us all set up! Yup, the only logical step to nowhere to pin bast was to buy a long arm!!
My Beautiful Beast!!
On to the machine!... After awaiting the arrival... It finally came!  Honeyman and I quickly (4 1/2 hours) set up the frame, which is a Grace Majestic King frame. We set up the carriage and discovered that the frame had to be adjusted because I opted for stitch regulators and for them to have clearance the tracks had to be ALL the way to the back! (lesson learned!!) The machine is an industrial machine that has NO markings on it! It is a SOLID machine! Not to mention heavy duty! It does have ram horn handle bars. It does what I need it to do!! I love how easy it is to navigate! We purchased it here at Sewing Machines Plus!
Rear Handle bars
Bright light!
On a side note I had to get rid of the afore mentioned over sized furniture and make way for smaller stuff to acomidate the Beast! (Did I already mention I am spacially challenged.. LOL) we got rid of our furniture and are sitting on lawn chairs while we wait for the new to be delivered (from my In-laws who are getting new)!

My view!
 I have... wait for it... 14 unfinished quilt tops! (it was 16, but I finished Impromptu and began quilting Twisted Sister on my Brother) I do hope to get through a few of these tops!
I hope this gave everyone some information! Please feel free to ask questions! I have only had my machine set up for a short while now and done 3 practice and 1 real quilt! So I am learning!
Thanks for visiting with me!
Be sure to come back soon!
Till then...
Quilt on friends,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

After 2 years it finally got quilted!

The big stuff!
Set up and ready to roll!!
I went back over my posts and found the finished quilt top for Impromptu (by Rachel Griffith) on April 1, 2012! (Is that a long time for a quilting turnover?? Well this is kind of a combo post because it has to start with the Beast arriving at my house! My beloved bought me a long arm!!! And I had to somewhere find a place for it in the shoe box we live in!! LOL  It is set up! We had to get rid of our over sized furniture (and are awaiting smaller furniture never mind the lawn chairs set up in our living room!)
I decided to try my hand at it! Gonna be honest.... I have NEVER used a long arm before!! But I am in love with my monster and have no complaints!

I did an all over loopy on the white and tried my hand at a few different things on the squares! I did flowery clam shells and spirals and geometric triangles and squares (I have to say I REALLY like how they turned out and cannot WAIT to try a whole quilt in them!!)
 I just love all the textures! And I am over the moon at how it turned out! I know there are a LOT of pics, but I tell you I just couldn't decide on just one (or three!)

Thanks for stopping by friends! Hope to see you all soon!
Till then...
Quilt on!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Works in Progress

I love the whole leader/ender concept! Especially when you are working on something that... is not your favorite in the whole wide world! Shhhh I didn't just say that!So here are the leader enders this weekend...
God's eye

1) this is one of two I HAVE to get finished!!! My Brother Asked me to make 4 quillows for his girls... Two of them are finished here. The other two are two of the L/E I'm working on! The first I am not that fond of. Here's the thing. I LOVE to work with bright fun colours! I'm not a plain jane... That being said I give you God's Eye! Sean (A.K.A. Baby Brother)  told me what colours to use and chose patterns. I'm using light pink, dark pink and black! And there are a LOT of picky points to match up! Much more persnickety than I like to be! LOL So I throw it in between thee other two I'm working on!

Courthouse steps
2) is the 2nd for Baby Brother. It is your basic courthouse steps with a nine patch center nothing special! I have most of the blocks done, but I have to decide if I need another 'round' on them or if they are big enough! half of them are blue and purple the other half are blue and pink (because he told me colour choices were blue, purple, and pink!) I have had a HUGE blue stash... until this, Celtic Solstice, and my next gem! Oh, have I ever told y'all that blue is my least favorite colour! LOL

3) I guess you can't say you are doing leader/enders without actually working on a leader/ender!! LOL So... I decided it was time to begin another adventure with Bonnie! I started work on 'Blue Ridge Beauty'. I am using NOTHING but stash for it! I have cut up all the fabric! I was CRAZY psyched to get to use some of my 4 inch squares from the swap with Bolo Head. This quilt is ALL Blues and Oranges! There is a reason for this... some people bleed blue and orange around these parts! But we will get to that when I get closer to finished!!!
Bits and pieces!
I HAD to see progress! So I sewed up 4 squares!
Four done 192 left!!

All right friends! I'm off to work on these three! I'm going NOWHERE today! Press... cut... SEW!!!!
Have a GREAT Sunday! 
See you soon!
Till then...
Quilt on friends, 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Celtic Solstice finished top!

It's done! squeal! My first problem becomes... how do I get a picture of this beast??? I tried to lay it in my Daughters room... the quilt top is 114 x 114! The room is only 13 x 13 and that is without furniture in it!!! I have no walls in my house that are that... bare! LOL So these pictures are only about 1/4 of the quilt!
Long view quilt folded in half!
 I hollered at yet another friend to help last night! I had 3 options for the inner border! I let her choose! I liked 2 of the 3 (the one was a white on white and I just think it was WAY to stark! But I had to get another opinion!) I love that 2 of my Besties are now represented in this quilt! If you didn't know it friends this is why I ask you these questions!
I LOVE the 54-40 block and how it gives an appearance of circles in the quilt!
 Who am I kidding, I love everything about this quilt! The flaws and all! It is loud and crazy like me! It has 2 friends mingled into it! There is fabric in here from previous quilts! Fabric from my bloggy swaps! Oh, I forgot about fabric from a dear friend! She is the one who noticed it one morning and pointed it out! Yes the stars have been sitting around my house for a minute or two, A!! What more could I ask for???
Now my second conundrum how in the name of holly heck fire do I basted this behemoth??? LOL Even if I take my kitchen table out of my kitchen the floor is only 108 x 112! (I know Honeyman and I measured it this morning!) I will figure it out! I want to have this beast done by the end of the month!
Wish me luck!
See you soon!
Till then...
Quilt on friends,