Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Orange Crush Part 3

Cut and ready
This was a quick and easy week! I'm keeping up and doing great!! This is the end of the Black and lime! (on a side note I MIGHT have to buy more lime to finish my Grand Illusion!! LOL OOPS!!)

At any rate! Here's part 3!!

See you next time!!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

BHMQAL Grand Illusion Part 3

Oh so close!!
Oh, my lord!! I'm so glad this past week is done!
 First the thread debacle for my Easy Street! What 's that you may ask... well I'm THIS close to being finished and I ran out of the thread I was using King Tut that had been given me when I purchased my Long arm. I have to say I am not really a fan of this thread! It says 'low lint' but I'm not seeing that!! I see a LOT of lint! But when you are this close to finishing you use the same thread to finish... right??? It is on order, but I will have to wait till it gets here to finish! I'm so sad!!

Double four patches

Then this step!! It was SUCH a simple step and yet for some reason I just could NOT get through it!!
 First, I sewed every last one of my black strips to a white strip!! That led to forty five minutes of unstitching!! I got them all properly stitched. THEN I did the worst thing EVER!!! I didn't listen to Bonnie's words!! I know better!! Thank goodness I was only stitching 20 units together at a time! I sewed the first batch correctly!! Then I sewed the next batch together with the black square in the WRONG corner!!! That ALSO led to about a half hour of unstitching!!
All is well now and all of my units are finished!! 

I also sat down the other day and did some quilty math! For these three quilts I'm currently working on (ES, OC, & GI) I need 405" of binding for ES, 370" for OC, and 364" for GI... that's 1139" for binding!!! Almost 95 FEET!! Maybe I will start on those while I'm waiting for the next clues and my thread!! LOL

I'm on to my next adventure for now! (well more Orange Crush) Wish me luck!!
Linking up to Bonnie's linky party!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Easy Street on the frame

On the beast!
I'm just on a roll right now! I have to admit it feels GREAT!! Can we all say I'm just a little Bonnie Hunter obsessed?? OK Yes at this current moment I'm working on Grand Illusion, Orange Crush, and I go throw Easy Street on my Long Arm! I know! Someone call the police! I'm a stalker!!

If you follow me you may remember I was having some issues with my machine! I sent the beast in and they fixed it, however my love for where I bought it is dwindling! You know I have not heard WHAT they did to fix it! Not a word!! At any rate.. It's fixed and purring like normal!!

Close up of quilting
I am going with a paisley repeat kind of deal! FMQ and making it up as I go along!! I'm just about half way done! I decided I should work on this while I wait for week three to begin! I like to have a few things going at once anyway!!

As I work on this I am reminded why I don't quilt for others... #1 I'm still learning!! My set up does not allow me to work on pantographs (because it is to close to the wall AND I don't have a laser) #2 Do you charge extra fro the dog hair you lovingly quilt into the quilt?? Try as I might there are short white from Little Dog and long black from Big Dog!! What can I say?? We re a dog family!!

OK I'm off to start my morning!! Wish me luck on my quilting!! See y'all soon!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Orange Crush Part 2

Split four patches ready to roll!!
Whew! Keeping up!! I can do this!! So far so good!! I really do love the simplicity of Orange Crush!

Part 2 is split four patches! Once again for this quilt I have changed up the neutral with Lime green and the dark I chose to use black like in step 1! I popped it in my EQ7 (Oh wait did I not tell y'all that dropped on my doorstep...) I just LOVE how the four patch look much more BOLD with these choices!

They are all finished and I'm ready to move on to the next step!

On a side note it is very trippy to cut lime green on a green cutting mat! I go to my large mat for strip cutting! But for dog ears and such I sit and trim on this little gem!

OK week 2 is done ... Now what???

Monday, December 8, 2014

BHMQAL Grand Illusion Part 2

Whewh! DONE!! ;0) Be sure to check out everyone's progress at Bonnie's Linky party!! Then come back here tomorrow to see how my Orange Crush is coming along!!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Orange Crush Part 1

Cut pairs
Because I'm a glutton for punishment and sometimes one is not enough...
I have decided to do a second Bonnie Hunter QAL!!!
I have said it before and I'll say it again... I love Bonnie Hunter! She said this year would be a little more laid back so I have decided to do Orange Crush (a previous QAL) I can't really call it a mystery because I do know what the final result is, but it reminds me of Easy Street!
I have changed up some of the colours (actually going with most of the colours from Grand Illusion)
I have finished part 1. I chose to go with lime greens instead of her neutral and black prints instead of her dark selection!! I just can't sit still right now! It is after all cold outside and that makes it time to quilt... right!! LOL
SO both part ones are finished... and cut for part 2 for Orange Crush!!
Maybe I will start working on part 2 while I await Fridays clue to go live on Grand Illusion!!
Just call me crazy!!
150 Four patches!

Monday, December 1, 2014

BHMQAL Grand Illusion Part 1

Guess what time of year it is... SQUEAL BHMQAL!!!
Cut and ready to roll!!!
Part 1 went live on Friday! I went shopping!! And then spent Saturday and Sunday cutting and sewing!!! And I am happy to say part 1 of the Grand Illusion is finished!!! I had tossed around the idea of mixing up the colours... but I LOVE the fun bright choices Bonnie made! So, I stuck with her choices!! Can't wait to see the next part!!
Linking up to Bonnie's Post!
Done Done and Done!!!