Monday, January 18, 2016

Allietare ALMOST done!

Finished top (dog would not move!)
I have been busy at work! Busy at play! Busy with family!!
I have my top finished and SO CLOSE to all quilted! I have two more passes to finish up the quilting... and I need more thread! Story of my life!

Scrappy border!
I chose to use the yellow we already had cut to make the mustard border scrappy! I don't really use this colour so I figured since it was already cut I might as well use it! I love the scrappy!! And I had purchased this red fabric for next to nothing on clearance I love how it brought out the gold and the red! And as much as I do love a black border I just felt this worked best!

I do have to learn the art of less is more when it comes to the quilting!! (Actually I really have to get better with the pantos!) I tend to quilt fairly small and a LOT of quilting into a quilt! But darn it I just LOVE the texture!!!
I hope to get this finished up today so I can start the binding tomorrow!!

I am to late to link up with Bonnie but be sure to go to her site and check out all the other AMAZING quilts!!

Oh, and come back to see what else i have been working on!

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