Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An update on work for the month!!

The beginning of the month I took FOUR days off! All to myself!! it was our Guild retreat weekend and I planned on getting a few finishes!!

I finished up this guy and it is bound and DONE!! This was the Modern Orange/brown/green. I took a little time to try out different stitches in the squares and used this as sort of a 'practice' in FMQ!  All in all I think it turned out great and with any luck I will give it away this weekend! Shhhh don't tell! It's a basement warming surprise!! The colours are not really me, but they will fit her basement PERFECTLY!!!

Next up I got ring around the rainbow all quilted
Close up of quilting
Ring around the rainbow

 I think I decided I am going to bind in a deep purple to really 'frame' it up! I LOVE this quilt! It is bright and ME!! I hope to get it finished soon, I already know what I am going to do with it! EEK!

Quillow front
Friends it is true! I started a new project! I blame it on my cousin (she's my favorite but it is still her fault) Courtney! See when we went on a trip together this summer she brought along a quillow that our Aunt had made for her and it got me thinking... Crap here I go again! I am not really a fan of tie quilts so I decided to to a quilt as you go method (this was a first!) and I let Lillian choose the fabrics! She LOVES Yellow!! I personalized it with her name!! I do still have to bind this, but it is DONE other than binding!!
Packed up Quillow for my Daughter

Quillow back
Now to top it off my brother came home (my father had triple bypass surgery) and when Sean saw the quillow he enlisted me to make one for each of his four girls!!! SO I have to add those to my list of things to do!! 

Is there anything more beautiful??
I also spend a minute or two sitting by my father who also suffered a small stroke following surgery and I love to bind and often take charity tie quilts from guild to work on. I bound and tied three of them and was very thankful for the hand work to pass time by!!
I just love the stack of finished quilts (even if they are not my own!) 

So to update my prior list of ELEVEN tops...
No change to ...
-Brown Blocks
-Luke's Shirts

Top in progress...
-Medallion Star
Basted and ready to go...
To be bound...
-Rainbow Round
-Lillian's Quillow
-Modern Orange/brown/green
Recently added to I HAVE to do...
-Sunshine's Quillow
-Terra's Quillow
-Desiray's Quillow
-Katrina's Quillow
Well, I have my hands full! I think I need to take another four day weekend just to get some of these done! LOL
It was really nice to get the two quilted and another basted and ready! 
OK friends, I'm off... what to work on today???
Have a great day and see you soon!
Till then...
Quilt on friends,