Thursday, November 10, 2011


So I have downloaded and they are BLURRYYYY! But I guess that blury is better than nothing for now!

"Spiders, Bats, and Kitty Cats"

 So, I tried to upload a pic of just the green border and my computer and blogger are not cooperating! So I guess I just get the finished top! I loved the bright green and it keeps it not so dark! I did also do a bold black border to ground it all, and I am thinking purple for the binding. I did move some of the blocks around! I remember reading Robin's blog about her taking a pic in black and white to try to organize her thoughts when there is so much going on! Thank you Robin! I did just that and boy was it lopsided!! I rearanged a few times and was much more pleased with this layout!!  I do listen and REALLY appreciate all of the things that my bloggy friends share! I realized I did not take a pic of my backing and will have to follow up with that! My Honeyman is asking so many questions now about quilting it and how long and on and on and to tell you the truth I do not have the answers! hehe! I guess I will figure those out as I go along as well! I do learn best hands on anyway!! I am (hopefully) going to a sit and sew on Friday and will have a few of my questions answered there!!Not all that long ago there was also a post on a few of the blogs that I follow about our 'work area' well, this is my little nook off of the end of my living room! The 'seat' is actually a cube that holds afghans that I have made! I do need to make some kind of pillow to top it as it is kind of hard! LOL but the nice part about where it is...I can see the TV (have to have background noise) and the fire place (fake, but still gives off heat) is right behind me for those chilly winter days! My tabke is kind of a mess here and I was watching Netfilx on my laptop. Law and order is my best friend when I am working at the machine! LOL

Hope this finds everyone warm! and finishing up a project!!


  1. Excellent, the green fabric is perfect!!! I LOVE it!!!!!

  2. What a fun quilt, Josie!!! I LOVE the green-- totally fabulous! And your layout really looks great, too. You've really achieved a nice balance.

    So exciting!