Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ok, so I am not one to go on about how to's and what nots, but I do have to say... I am always watching tutorials and learning new ways to to everything and i have to say I was enthrawed with this one!! You know how when you need multiple squares from triangles you can cut your 2 squares, make 2 seams down it cut it and you have 2... well this is for making 4! Loved it and thought it was easy!!
Start by cutting your 2 squares (after ataining proper measurements and make sure you leave seam allowance)
place facing each other and sew around 1/4 inch from outside edge as shown here

cut on a 45 degree angle into two and then into four  
Press open and there you are!
I have to say when you have a lot of them to do I LOVED this method!!
OK that being said!! I had a terrible time getting this piece together! GRRRR ARRRRRG!! I tore the corners off more times than I wish to admit and finally recut as my pieces were becoming very unstable!! LOL I think once it is in with all the rest the flaws will somewhat melt away!!
Well all the flaws but the gynormouse one in the center!! Shhhhh with this quilt there is so much going on noone will notice!! Or will they!!!

 Whew just glad this one is in once piece!!
Squares: 19
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 412

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