Monday, April 11, 2011

Babyish gift...

Some days I do not know where my mind is! OK well a lot of days! My besty (best friend Kathie) just had her first granddaughter!! Nola Ruth was born on Tuesday!! And Mommy is a gal I went to High School with! So I got started on a gift!! Got the center together and then realized that it is a twin pattern... AHHHHH
How big to make it??? Will probably stick with the pattern! 

Well, I guess it is going to be a gift for the future! Little girl gift! I layed it out on my floor (horrible green 70 year old carpet) and WOW it was a great match! LOL  I still have to add the 2 borders and then on to the fun stuff!!
Oh, and go buy a new Ironing Board! Mine decided to break! And it is not worth trying to salvage! Here's to a day fo baby gifting! Oh, Gabriel (spelling might be wrong) with 2 more names...was born on Wed!! He is in the NICU, but going to get out by Monday! All these babies! I am SOOOO glad I am past that!
Happy Quilting,

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  1. LOL! You make me smile, Josie. :)

    Fun quilt! A twin will be a wonderful size for a playmat now, and for a big girl bed in a few years.