Thursday, April 21, 2011

A box of joy!

So I have not had a chance to get a lot accomplished around here (other than spring cleaning). But today I got the most wonderful package in the mail!! Kim had a name the creepy bunny contest, but I have not the best imagination. Well someone else came up with Bunny and Clyde!! Loved it!! I did make a suggestion that Clydes' last name (IRL) was Barrows and I could not pass up the 'Burrows" pun!! Well Kim thought it was a great idea, too!! She named her bunnys 'Bunny and Clyde Burrow'! I love it!! Much to my surprise she added a little something in for me!!

Oh what lovely spring colours she chose! It was a pick me up on a gloomy day!!
I love that there are wonderful people out there! I do so hope that I am that person as well!!
Have a blessed and wonderful day,

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