Tuesday, June 24, 2014


SO, here's the ugly truth... I have been SWEARING at my long arm! I CANNOT get the tension right! I get it! I REALLY do! eyelashes = top tension to loose or bobbin to tight!! Well I CAN'T tighten the top any more! I have had to loosen it because it was TOO tight! thread breaking!! So I loosened the screw on the bobbin!! I CAN NOT loosen it any further! And I am STILL getting eyelashes!! I'm just gonna show ya! Brace yourselves...
                                                                                                                                         So I didn't change ANYTHING between these 3 photos! Same Bobbin same stitching! And yet about 1\3 of the stitching has eyelashes! IN THE MIDDLE of the rest of the stuff! I just don't get it! I am pretty steady with my stitching. I do use a stitch regulator and not a constant speed so in theory even if I am not even it SHOULD keep up with me! (believe me when I say I am NOT a quick stitcher! LOL)
No eyelashes???
This quilt is for a little guy and I did throw in a snake a snail and a puppy dog tail! These pics are from the back of the quilt. The from is white so they are not very noticeable from the front! But that was what I wanted! It is all together possible that his name is ALSO on the quilt! But since he is not yet here I can't really share that part!! I am going to leave the quilting eyelashes and all! (Her daughter after all has the first quilt I EVER fully finished) 

Eat Play Sleep Repeat 
The pattern is Baby Life Quilt from Moda Bake shop I have had this one on my must do list for some time! I did have to alter it because I only had a yard of the background. So I made the outer border orange with white polka dots! I hope to get this bound and washed up in the next day or two!  
Happy stitching!
I haven't decided yet what to bind it with... I will probably go with blue! OH, I have more polka dot binding from my last quilt still!! That would work nicely!!

 OK friends! Wish me luck!! Have a GREAT day!!


Monday, June 2, 2014

EPP ...

Well summer has hit!! We have been spending oodles of time outside and I have not been able to sit down at my machine! (I do so miss her!!) OK That is only kind of true! I did get some obligations finished!
Corn hole bags
Corn Hole Boards

My BFF Becky has twin boys who graduated high school and she was making corn hole bag sets for them. It did my heart good to work with Becky on these and she LOVED being able to give them to her AMAZING young men! We worked on the boards and she painted them. I made the bags for her.

Little cuddles!

Another Girlfriend of mine is getting a new puppy and she wanted to take it a cuddly blanket while it waited to come to them (it was not old enough yet) she bought a blanket but it was WAY to big for her little pup (a wiener!) So she brought it to me and I cut it into FOUR little cuddlers! It did have minky and I kinda swore at it a bit!! LOL but they got done!!

My son has GROWN like a weed!! ALL of his pants are WAY to short for him! Well, sometimes I'm cheap thrifty! One of the pairs was a SOLID three inches to short, but to big in the waist... I have a SKINNY husband SO!! I cut them, seamed them, and distressed the hem and now Honeyman has a new pair of shorts!! His only complaint is that the pockets are to short (they were boys and I guess that is a difference!) Oh well! I said put less things in your pockets! LOL

Perfect little containers!
I have decided to work on EPP so I have hand work while we travel and have begun to cut and work! I tend to be a LITTLE stressed when we pull our camper and hand work keeps me distracted and yet I can still talk! We have a six hour drive father's day weekend! I need more papers and wouldn't you know it the place I order from is MOVING and I have a deadline to get them here!! I had to order from somewhere else! Oh, well! They will be here in plenty of time!
 I have one just about finished (it has one more hexi to attach!

Let the adventure begin!!
See you soon friends!