Thursday, February 5, 2015

WIP Wed (Thurday edition!)

OK, So, last week I posted my WIP list and somehow I omitted TWO of my MUST FINISH items! Maybe it is because I am in deep deep hate with the one project!!
A while ago (like two years ago) my Baby Brother asked me to make quillows for his woman and each of her three girls. I quickly made the first one for Sunshine because I had always wanted to use a dresden and this was my chance! I also finished the one for the oldest girl (and can I tell you how much in LOVE with that one I was DROOL!!) So with two done I was faced with the other two... one I don't mind it is just a simple log cabin... but the other!!! All solids (sorry not my favorite) only three fabrics!!! And a VERY fussy pattern (Gods Eye) Then to top it off I had to go and decide to do a very intricate (for me anyway) quilting design on it! SMH! What was I thinking! If I would have done a stipple this would be over and done with!! BUT NO!! Silly me!
So I have to make nine of these blocks and then one 'special' block! I now have 7 finished!! The 'special' name block is hand stitched and will be quilted with an all over stipple! I will wait till we get back from vacation to begin sewing these together!

But for now... Here's a quick sample Oh when I say 7 are 'finished' I mean the CENTER of 7 are finished! I still have the black to do! It will get a VERY simple treatment! But I will decide that when I get all the inside finished! LOL
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Updated WIP list:
Completed tops to be quilted:
  • Papa's Swoon- Finished Jan 2015!!
  • Blogger BOM (back pieced!)
  • Brown Bricks
  • Bento Blocks
  • Celtic Solstice
  • Orange Crush
  • Grand Illusion- Finished Jan 2015
  • Space Dust (needs one more set of borders)
  • Luke's shirts (maybe a set of borders)
  • Mom's quilt
Top in Progress:
  • Desiray's Quillow
  • Karina's Quillow
  • Darien's Circles
  • Bee in my Bonnet Row along
  • Brown/Blue Canton Village QAL
  • Red & Purple HST
  • Medallion Star
Blocks (I may get rid of from guild):
  • flowers
  • leaves
On Deck:
  • Snap Shot QAL
  • Roll Roll Cotton Boll
  • Tula Pink Alphabet Quilt
  • MY PATTERN!!!!