Saturday, January 18, 2014

Celtic Solstice Part 2

Small steps!!
It's about time! I tell you this step took me FOREVER!! I think part of it was my frustration. See, I'm no ta big fan of a wasteful block. Not to be rude, but this is kind of a wasteful block. I saved all my little cut offs triangles from the edges and YES I will find a way to use all of them, all 1,952 of them! They make 1 inch finished HST's! Am I a nut??? YUP! But I love the craziness! I guess if I use them as a leader end er project... 976 little squares will come along quickly right!!
I am about half way finished with steps 3 & 5 also. I had to twist it up and work on something else so I didn't lose my mind! I just love this quilt and can't wait!!
OK Friends! I have some running and sewing in mind for today! Stay warm!
And Quilt on!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celtic Solstice Part 4

I love quilting. I after such a long vacation away it was wonderful to sit and relax with my stitchin! It was made even more special by my special visitor! OK I have to start with we don't really do much for New Years. Honeyman Had to work on New Years day so it was not going to be a late night... it was not a late night! We made it till 10:30! LOL Any way! I said I was not going ANYWHERE on New Years Day! (OK not true I said I had to make a quick trip to the fabric store and then I was going nowhere!) My Oldest and Bestest Friend in the whole wide world (I know I have mentioned her before) was in town and asked if she could pop over. I told her my plans and she said she was happy to chat as I did my thing! Well then! Company other than Netflix!!! I'm in! She came over I cut fabric for the next four steps of Celtic Solstice (because we were on vacation I was just a bit behind!!) I even put Bec to work! I decided that I had TONS of 4 inch squares so I would use those for my four patches in stead of cutting strips!!! I did not get any sewing done that day, but I got all but one of my cuts done! So this next week I am free to sew away without having to do cutting!!! Oh, did y'all want pics?? LOL Here are my Bazillion four patches!!

That's it for tonight! I go back to the real world in the morning! Wish me luck after 3 weeks off!!
See you soon friends!
Till then,
Quilt on!
Josie ;o)