Monday, May 2, 2011


OK I have (kind of) moved on to pink!!! Well there's the purple are done, save for one!! I have done, redone, sworn, and trown in the trash more of B-9, or as I call it 'stinker toy'!! (It is Tinker Toy in the book)
This has made me decide that I am REALLY not ready to do that square! My Honeyman says that I am not really done with the purple and should finish it!! Well when he has the patience to sit down and figure it out more power to him!! LOL He is a man of very little patience!!
So this all being said!! I have once again amazed myself and decided that I truely love my applique work! I sometimes think the blocks that I applique look better than the ones that I have tried to machine piece!! *(maybe I should be doing the whole thing by hand LOL)
Again to That Quilt (If I knew how to link on the shout out I would, but I don't so I won't) She made this piece SOOOOOO much simpler than it looked!!
Here's to the start of the pinks!!!
Squares: 25
Triangles: 0
Kites: 0
Pieces: 505

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  1. Your applique looks lovely! And since I pieced all of my blocks by hand, I can tell you with authority-- some of the blocks really are a lot easier by hand than they would be by machine. :)