Saturday, January 31, 2015

Grand Illusion DONE!!

I am so psyched to get this one done!! I am giving it to my Aunt Judy who has been my biggest cheerleader my whole life! I get to see her in another 18 days! Till then... anticipation!!
I quilted with an all over flowering clam shell in yellow thread! I love the big loopy texture it gives the quilt! And I also bound is in the constant yellow!
I hope you enjoy as much as I do!!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP List 2015 Update #1

It has been a while since I put anything down on here! I did write down on paper what I have going and where! So I think the beginning of each month I will TRY to update my WIP list!

Completed tops to be quilted:
  • Papa's Swoon- Finished Jan 2015!!
  • Blogger BOM (back pieced!)
  • Brown Bricks
  • Bento Blocks
  • Celtic Solstice
  • Orange Crush
  • Grand Illusion- On the long arm!!
  • Space Dust (needs one more set of borders)
  • Luke's shirts (maybe a set of borders)
  • Mom's quilt
Top in Progress:
  • Darien's Circles
  • Bee in my Bonnet Row along
  • Brown/Blue Canton Village QAL
  • Red & Purple HST
  • Medallion Star
Blocks (I may get rid of from guild):
  • flowers
  • leaves
On Deck:
  • Snap Shot QAL
  • Roll Roll Cotton Boll
  • Tula Pink Alphabet Quilt
  • MY PATTERN!!!!

This is the list I wrote up the first week of January!  So I guess I will call this my first update!!

I'm taking a page form Bea! I'm copying your format (kind of!! LOL) Red has been worked on this week and I will cross it out when I'm finished! Of course we all know that other things will be added along the way! Who knows what will come up!!
Thanks for visiting!! Come back soon for pics of Grand Illusion! (I WILL get this done I WILL get this done!!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Swoon Finished at long last!

Helen loaded up!!
Now, I know that three year a UFO is not that long! Come on lets all get real! We know there are some waiting even longer than that!! LOL But this one was special to me! I wanted it to be just right!! It was after all for my Honeyman!! WAY back in Feb 2012 I finished the flimsy!!
Such a happy find!!

Well, over the weekend I loaded up Helen and away we went!! Oh, wait, I have to back up even further!! Honeyman wanted a flannel back! I don't really buy flannel but I have a box that came from my Mother that had  few flannels in it!! In there I found a GEM!! A flannel 'backing' dated 1951!! It had a seam down the center I had to remove (the HEAVY old cotton thread shredded as I pulled at it!!) AND I had to match up the pattern a bit better! LOL I also had flannel my Mother had used to make PJ's for my Dad!! So the backing is purchased by my Grandmother and my Mother! And pieced by me!! How wonderful is that!!??
I quilted with an all over swirl but of course I had to add in personal touches! I delivered it to him last night (while he was on shift) and wanted to get pics with the fire truck... but I always forget how horrible their lighting is in the bay! BOO! So the final pics are just terrible! But I'm sure y'all can see the amazing colours in the other bazilloin pics I took!!!
Swirls of texture
I added our children's names!
Binding time!!
Our song!!

Crinkly swirls!!
Washed and crinkly!!

See what I mean about the yellow lighting! There are Honeyman's boots peeking out the bottom!! I'm so happy to get this one finished!!
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Have a great week! I hope to get another quilt on Helen in the next day or two!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Orange Crush stuck on a border...

I was really hoping this would be a finish post! I got the top and first border all finished and then it happened... I think I sewed myself into a corner!! I'm stuck!! I don't want to finish it with the pieced border I do want the final POP!
I'm not sure if pink is really the way to go! I'm afraid black will make it to Halloween I do NOT want to try to find another orange that will coordinate with the one that is already in there! I did have to add yellow to the orange border because somehow I was short a strip! I REALLY want to use pink for the binding (the same pink I used on Easy Street!)

First border
Does anyone have a suggestion?? I'm pretty sure I will probably end up at the fabric store this weekend looking at black prints with just the right colours in them!
Oh and in the mean time I am crazy psyched about pantos! Helen is going to have some new toys for me to use!! She and I will have SUCH a great time!! I can't wait!!
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Have a great week friends!

ALMOST finished

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Orange Crush Part 6a

More split 4 patches!
So when looking at the pattern I looked ahead, but did not really PLAN ahead!
 Bonnie did a pieced border and I decided HEY it just wouldn't be the same without the pieced border! So, I decided to break part 6 into two parts! (This is supposed to be the week for creating the top!)
This week was back to part 2!! Yup it was ANOTHER week of split four patches!! I do wish I would have read that ahead of time so I could have just done them all in week two! But I have no one to blame but myself!! LOL
I have finished up my border pieces (gone back and split these up so they are more 'scattered') I was going to cut my borders, but Bonnie said to measure your quilt to figure out what size is needed! And, I have read, read, and RE read the instructions and cannot for the LIFE of me find where it says what size the final border is! So, I guess I'm going to have to wing it!!
Going to be HARD at work to get this beast together (and of course keep up with Grand Illusion!!!
Wish me luck!!

Evened up and divided!! WHEW!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Grand Illusion part 6

Grand Illusion
I had one busy quilty weekend!! I got me a quilt top together!! Honestly part of that is due to getting up at 1:15 in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep! What's a girl to do??? quilt I guess!!I love the block in this quilt...I'm just not so sure I like the sashing in between! I don't know! It has GREAT movement!

 I do wish I would have been able to get a good full picture of this, but in my house there is no space! And temps outside were single digits! (and blustery!!)

I must have been off just a little on my seam allowance because I did have to make my yellow strip 1/4 inch smaller than called for! Thank goodness I measured before I cut them!!

I'm also not sure if I would have done the outer border the same way she calls for...but that's just me! Now I have to work on getting the backing finished so I can quilt this gem up! It's NOT going to sit for a year!

I have not really made any New Year Resolutions per say... but I am going to try to be better about getting these tops finished! I mean I have my big beautiful machine (which I have chosen to call Helen! Silly me!!)  Now I do have to get to My Orange Crush and see if I can't stay caught up with that too!! Wish me luck!!
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