Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So now to figure out where I am!

Honeyman's finished top
OK get out the check list...
Honeyman's top DONE!!

Name Game Swap DONE

Now onto the monthly swaps
Bee Creative 2012
   it is my month to host so I am waiting till I get the others in to decide what pinwheel to do... so not really done there and won't be done till I get them all in
We Bee Learning Feb Block

We Bee Learning (for Shilo)
 DONE and went out in the mail Monday

Comfort Quilts Feb Blocks

Comfort Quilts Swap: (for Angie)
Done (very early in the month and already in her hot little hands)

Swaps for Feb DONE and all in the mail (or at destination)

Feb Blogger BOM

Feb Bloggers BOM

OK I think that brings me all caught up and ready for March, but wait what is that you say it is not yet March! Fooey with the calendar!!
All right here we go


Bee Creative 2012: (for Margaret) DONE!! twice as a matter of a fact I whooped this bad boy up in no time and when I got done I realized I had done it back @$$ words! OOPS!! Honeyman calls the wrong one a 'Where's Waldo Block'! I did another (right this time)  and I sent them both to her! If she chooses to use it in the same quilt so be it! If she wants to rip it apart and correct it more power to her! I goofed she gains!! LOL

March Comroft Quilts
Comfort Quilts: ( for Lisa) DONE
Not in the mail I just finished them yesterday but can I say I L-O-V-E this pattern! I might just have to try doing a whole quilt in it! I will get it in the mail at the end of the week, with the two other packages that have to go out!

We Bee Learning: (for Brandie)
OK not done with this one! Give me a break she just posted what she wants! LOL WONKY STARS! I LOVE IT!! I putted all of the material for it yesterday and will do those up today! I am ubber psyched about the wonky stars! I just hope I do her proud!!

Three inch wonky stars!!

I hope I did her proud!!
 A big finish this morning and I thought I would add it in here! It is true I am off my rocker!!
You see those little guys.... they are 3 inch wonky stars! I sure hope you like it Brandie!! LOL
I even cracked open my Salt Air Charm pack!!!

Oh, I am also in another charm square swap and have two of my three colours cut up and have to get those out by the end of the week as well! so today: 1) charm squares 2) wonky stars and then... is it April yet???

I know, I know I threw a LOT of stuff into one post! I hope y'all followed me all the way through!!
Have a happy and productive day!!


  1. Josie, you have been one busy bee! They all like great. I really like honeymans quilt top, it turned out awesome!


  2. wow you sure got a lot done!!! Everything looks great!

  3. I'm exhausted reading this btw -- EXHAUSTED!!
    You are such an inspiration!! :)
    Love what you make!! :)

  4. WOW Josie! Great-lookin' blocks, handsome quilt for Honeyman...SO much accomplished! You need to make up a new energy drink and market it: The Josie Jolt! I'd buy some...:D

  5. Done, done, done, good for you! A wonderful quilt for Honeyman.

  6. YOU have been BUSY!!!!! I LOVE the stars. They are amazing and will so fit into what I was thinking. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I love your swoon too. I am so behind on mine.....LOL