Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So why Honeyman you ask...

You know we all have pet names for one another! Have you ever wondered why they call each other that? Sometimes it is very obvious like, do you watch How I Met Your Mother? He calls Lilly 'Lilly Pad' and she calls Marshall 'Marshmallow'! I get it! Well if you read me you know I call my Husband Honeyman (and sometimes he calls me Honeylady)!

OK to understand this you kind of have to go back a day or two. When Honeyman and I were dating I was supposed to go into the service. We sat down and had a ver rational conversation (I was 17 and he was 19) and we decided to get married because 1) of course we were MADLY in love 2) if I wanted him to live with me wherever I was stationed we had to be married 3) you make more if you are married and not single. Sound like rational thoughts right! LOL Well my ship date got pushed back THREE times! We were married Sept 3, 1994 (a week and a day after I turned 18) and now had a month and a half before my ship date! Long story, Honeymans borther killed in car accident/ trip from TX (where we were living) to IL/ Crazy stuff going on two weeks before I was supposed to ship I found out I was pregnant! Surprise!!
She started it!!
    OK fast forward to my Daughter being about four/five and all of our friends are in dating relationships, fiance gets thrown around and Poor Kaelynn is confused about the difference between wife/girlfriend/fiance!! You get the jist! Well we began to introduce our friends significant others as their Honeyman or Honeylady, it did not matter what stage of the game they were in! One friend she would ask who his Honeylady was this time! She was quick about that!! LOL!
Well, all these years later My Honeyman is still my Honeyman, oh, and plus he is a Jr, so at family functions when I say Honeyman there is no confusion I am talking to him and not his Dad! LOL! Although his family calls him Tommy and his dad Tom, but I cannot call my grown husband Tommy! LOL!!
My Honeyman! I just love that guy!!
There you have it! I know it sounds like a long story for such a short explination, but if you did not know it I come from a story teller! So it is just part of my nature!!
OK Now I have to decide on what project to choose! hhhmmmmm...

OK done for now catch you later! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That's a great story. :)

  2. Found my way here from Lily's quilts small blog meet. Lovely story! My OH calls me Angel and I call him uffle (his name is Russell). There's no real story, they've just stuck!