Saturday, February 11, 2012

If I go MIA...

Well here I am cursing under my breath... at whoever started this madness. (I did find out it is a Thimble Blossoms pattern by Camille Roskelley) Well, If anyone remember the material I bought for Honeyman's quilt... well, the more I looked at the squares I wanted to do, the more I decided they were NOT right... reason one, they are five or ten inch squares and I had bought quarter yard of most of the materials. Now I could have sized it down to four inch, but then I would once again get into it being to small. That and I did one of the squares with four inch squares and once it was put together...I no longer liked it!! LOL!! OK this being said, I am going to set a swoon on fire!! I have recalculated the 'pattern'(my block was only 16 inches and it should have been 24 oops!) and that means the center square is six inches... PERFECT for the 'window' material I bought!!
Now my partial woe! I decided I wanted Kona Light Grey for the background. I went to BOTH of our local Hancock Fabrics (last night) and do you know neither of them had ANY grey solid! In Kona or Wendover. Well I tell you Honeyman is on shift today so it is going to be a day of cutting and getting started so you know I did not want to wait for a package!! Well I went to JoAnn's and they had two bolts of the Med Grey. There was not six yards between the two bolts and it was in three pieces. I did have a half off coupon and since I am using it in a quilt and will be cutting it up anyway I think  the smaller pieces will be OK. It was NOT the colour I had wanted, but I think it will work fine!
Here goes all, I am jumping into a project and I do have a tenancy of getting lost for a while! So if I have not been heard form for a few days... someone be sure to throw a piece of meat into my cage!! LOL!!
I am off to swoon!!


  1. Oh my. Good luck with that. lol

  2. *giggling* Good luck! And can't wait to see how it turns out when you surface again :) :P

  3. Should we put a radio collar on you? :D Enjoy being "lost in a Swoon"!