Friday, February 3, 2012

FMQ Challenge Feb

first attempt
OK, so I really really LOVE the look of feathering!! I am getting a little better, I think! LOL I did three different ones! The first one I did and could not figure out why mine looked so funny! Well silly me I had not done them 'tear drop' shaped! So I think it looks like butterflies on crack! he he!
Take 2!

Close up of #2

 I still have to work on keeping my lines a little more steady! and not clustering the 'vines' so much! But I think if it was in more of a neutral colour it really wouldn't look quite as bad. I was much more pleased with my tension this time around and I think I will try this again this weekend to see if I can steady my hand a little more,
My Lillian loved what I was doing so my third one I put a border on added her name and gave it to her! She was pleased with the results! LOL Bless that little girl!!

Still trying,


  1. Great job! You definitely can see the improvement from #1 to #3. Your feathers no longer were looking like butterflies on crack - lol! Bless that sweet Lillian. I needed one of those yesterday.

  2. So what's wrong with butterflies on Looks like you are getting better with every feather. great work!

  3. I have been practicing my feather but so far, there hasn't been much improvement. I think your feathers look wonderful! I'll post mine when they finally get a little better! Nice to see yours!

  4. Oh yes! You're definitely coming along great. Now back to mine...

  5. A great start! I even like the cracked out butterflies.

  6. Good for you! Looks wonderful!

  7. Good job sticking with it! The improvement is obvious!

  8. Absolutely awesome. Your work is amazing!