Saturday, February 4, 2012

Have you read Hunger Games?

So I am not sure If I have ever told y'all that I am not a big reader. I am dyslexic and have a very difficult time reading. So when I do find a book I love... Well my MIL bought the Hunger Games books a few months ago and gave them to my Daughter. She read them and passed them on to me. I have to say ME who takes a month to read a book flew through these books in two days each. Hunger Games is a trilogy that takes place in the future. They are not for the light of heart because they do involve kids killing each other. They have been on Amazon top 100 list for over 600 days!!! And they are still at number one, two, and three!!! Honeyman also ready through them (however it only took him an afternoon to read each one)
I did have a difficult time at first because it is written in first person as if the evens are taking place right now (if that makes sense) But once I got that down I was hooked!!! Well, they are making a movie! Go there and you will see the trailer! I have a countdown clock on my google page because I am actually excited about a movie coming out! I have not been to the movies in probably a year and a half!
Well, I decided that I had to read the fist book again before the movie comes out! My Son and I sit down each evening and read one chapter! He reads a page and then I read a page or two and so on! I think it is a great way to get involved in him learning to read! He is so cute, when I am reading aloud to him he corrects me when I goof on a word or skip over a word! I think this is great because it means he is paying attention even when he is not reading! When we get done with our reading for the evening I do make him recap what has happened in that chapter and put it in his own words and we talk about it! He is such a sweet soul and always has a lot of questions and ideas about what we just read!
The books are written for teens and he is 10, so I do think you have to know your kid and know if these books are right fro your kid or not, but I know he is loving the process!
My sister (who works at a library) had to borrow the books from us because there is such a long waiting list for checking them out, but I do think she is even looking forward to the movie.
My Boy! Darien.
If any of you remember 'Running Man' with Arnold Schwarzenegger it kind of reminds me of that in a small way (not that that was a good movie because it was not) anyway! Check them out! See what you think! I know they are not for everyone, but I really do like them! They get you thinking and are entertaining!
Oh, if you are wondering ... 48 days, 10 hours, and 55 min till the movie comes out! Oh and it has Stanley Tocci and Donald Sutherland in it! I love Stanley Tocci! He cracks me up!! 'My name is Muerte' hehe (thanks to all who get that one!
Have a great Saturday!


  1. I am always looking for a good book to read I may have to check these out

  2. I've read them, my 13 year old grandson is the one who told me I just had to read them! They are great. Another set of books is this series - Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. 4 books in the series.

  3. I love The Hunger Games Trilogy! I just finished my re-re-re-read of the 1st book and getting ready to start on the 2nd one again.

  4. LOVE The Hunger Games! What a great way to read it with your son. I have several students w ho are reading it, and they would be his age. I