Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More to Swoon about

Yellow Marble Swoon Block

Red Marble Swoon Block
 Three more blocks done.

That is five down,

four to go!

Not gonna say much about them!

Oh, accept, pretend that the orange one is pressed!

Do you know it was my last one
and I had one more seam to press
and my iron says POP gone!

Dead as a doornail!!

 I have only had the thing for 17 years??!!

EEhh can't complain!

Orange Marble Swoon Block
Happy Valentines Day all!

I am without my Honeyman today!

He is at the station :( 
Had to have a sub block holder in Papas absence!


  1. great looking blocks! Sorry to hear about your iron...but after 17years i think the poor thing deserved to go...lol

  2. You are moving right along! And I have always loved the word 'swoon'..thanks for reminding me. It will be my word of the day :)

  3. Great blocks and I love the centers! Both of my brothers were firemen and we always had to work around their schedules for holidays...I know how that is for you.