Thursday, March 24, 2011


So my husband said he likes this best so far! I liked how it went together, well truth be told I kind of had to make the second square a little smaller because my first square kind of got carrried away! ooops. hehe It came together nicely and I got it done before the mother of all migranes hit last night!!! So this morning I am feeling a little 'hung over' form my migrane meds!! I had hoped to get one last one done last night and was informed that looking at all those dots probably was not goin to heklp out my situation!! I let him know I was done with the dots, but he was probably right about not trying to concentrate on another one!!
Maybe after some coffee and a swift kick in my pants this morning I will be able to sew together the one I cut last night!! 24 hours without my man and I am coming down with a cold! I do so wish the weather would make up it's mind!! This 80 on Sunday and 35 on Wed is killing me!!
Here's to a better day today!!

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