Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring break

So with the kids on spring break trying to get out my sewing has just been impossible! I love my children, but one would think that at 9, 10, adn 15 they would be a little more able to take care of themselves! Nope!! I have been cleaning like a madwoman!! (and I DO NOT clean!!) So spring break, unfortunately, is all about cleaning the house! I even made my 15 year old daughter clean the fridge!! When she was done I told her that the fridge doesn't just look like that! I MAKE it look like that!! I know that I try to instill on my children a little bit of self reliance, but wow!! I realize how much they do not do for themselves when I hve them sooped up in the house for a week!! After arguing with my daughter most of Monday my FB post read : For sale: 15 year old Daughter, does not listen, does not follow directions, has a mouth you would like to wash out with soap, and is an all roud pain in the ass... wait I changed my mind... FREE TO A GOOD HOME: One worn out Mother... Must have no children, no pets, and a live in maid!! Please respond ASAP!! I love my children, but wow Mommy was right!! They are A LOT of work!!
Maybe I can sneak in a square... well tonight is Band rehersal, my husband has a test for work...Wed Game nigth at our house...Thursday, yes Tom will be working 24 hours! I will have time to myself after bathing the kids and puting them to bed!! Thursday is mine!! Is it wrong to feel that way?? Well, my allotted time to sit for a moment is done! Now to scrub the kitchen floor!! 
Hope the weather is nicer, hope my nerves hold out, pray like crazy that I make it through another spring break! LOL

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