Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sewing machine issues...

So with the best of intention I began to cut my first 2 blocks!! I was sooooo in the mood... and then disaster!! My sewing machine (which was my grandmothers) died!! I cried!! It is a Necchi (made in Italy) that was purchased July 3,1968 (for $350 how awsome to have the original purchase reciept)!! I have done minimal sewing on this machine in the past and it is nothing fancy, but it works well untill I REALLY needed it to!! Sooo it looks like this afternoon I will be running into my local sewing center and finding out if there is anyone out there who will work on it!!
Or maybe I can talk my Honeyman into an upgrade!! Till then, I guess I will cut a few more squares and do the prep work!!
Well, I was hopeing to have a pic to post, but till I get my machine repaired, I guess I work on hand sewing, I have kids clothes to repair! Not the 'fun' I was looking forward to! But for now I guess it will have to do!
Still in limbo!!

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