Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the hunt!

I guess it fitting that today (my husbands bithday hehe) I get to go out and treat myself!!
Tom is on shift today and that leaves me to the kids! I will leave my eldest in charge for a while and sneak away!! I have decided to get my background and only one colour at a time. I have maped out where they will go and what I will start with! And as it happens several of the ones that I have deemed 'purple' are on the eaiser side! so I guess is will ease me back into quilting! I have not picked up anything to quilt since my Monther has been gone. I cannot wait to see what treasures I find today!!
And I have to bake a cake for the guys at the station and since it is Saturdya it is also Taco day and can you guess wo was made queen bee in charge of getting the ingredience... oh, well! I guess after making cake, running to 3 different stores, and dropping by the station to see the guys I will deserve my indulgence!! hehe

Soon and very soon,

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