Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the hunt!

I guess it fitting that today (my husbands bithday hehe) I get to go out and treat myself!!
Tom is on shift today and that leaves me to the kids! I will leave my eldest in charge for a while and sneak away!! I have decided to get my background and only one colour at a time. I have maped out where they will go and what I will start with! And as it happens several of the ones that I have deemed 'purple' are on the eaiser side! so I guess is will ease me back into quilting! I have not picked up anything to quilt since my Monther has been gone. I cannot wait to see what treasures I find today!!
And I have to bake a cake for the guys at the station and since it is Saturdya it is also Taco day and can you guess wo was made queen bee in charge of getting the ingredience... oh, well! I guess after making cake, running to 3 different stores, and dropping by the station to see the guys I will deserve my indulgence!! hehe

Soon and very soon,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It has arrived

My book came in the mail yesterday afternoon! I poured through the contents of the pages enthrawled with the pictures and lines and geometry involved!! And the more I looked through the pages the more I was painfully aware... there is a copy of this book burried deep in the caverns of my Mother's sewing room!! I am certain of it!! If I can find the time to drive over to my Father's house, avoid the troll that guards the bridge (that would be my older sister, who will allow nothing to exit the room without her express writen consent), and sift through the mountains of Books, I just know I have seen it before!!
My Mother was a seamstress of epic proportion (by trade she was a nurse, but sewing was her passion). She never claimed to be a quilter, she could not understand how a quilter could waste so much material just for a tiny spec in the middle of the fabric that was to be their treasured piece!! She made, repaired, and saved many a wedding dresses, prom formals, American Girl outfits, and even my costumes for plays and musicals! I always had a new dress for my recidals and dances! Yes, she was a very remarkable woman!! It will be 6 years she has left us this March 16th, and not a day goes by that I do not ache for her. But,  I digress, she was also a Miniature enthusiast!! And I do believe that she bought this book to make quilts for her many dollhouse projects!! That was right up her alley!!!
I have already began deciding where my colours are to go and even gone as far as to make a graff of that blocks I want in what colour!! Now, I have to convince myvery stuborn self that I DO NOT have to start with A-1 and finish with M-13!! This is a challenge for my slightly OCD self!!
I was going to start on this this weekend, however we also recieved news yesterday that my Father-in-law will be leaving on the 26th to Iraq, again. So I will be thinking we will take the kids over there this weekend, spend my Husbands birthday (19th) with his family and let the Kids see Grandpa Tom before he heads off for another year abroad.
I am hopeful to get some time Friday to gather materials needed and at least get my head on straight!!
Pray for my sanity
and more so For My Father-in-law and his journey to come!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gonna Try this out!

So, I have never done the blog thing and I am about to embark on an epic journey... I have just ordered a Dear Jane book and have decided to take on my own baby jane!! I know I have found other Jane's on here and they have VERY detailed blogs that I am hopeing will help out!! I know that the quilting comunity in general are a very giving and helpful community and I am looking forward to this journey!!
I have done minimal amount of quilting and know that this will be a HUGE challenge, but I am nothing if not persistant!! (Oh, if anyone is reading this please know that my spelling and typing skills are HORRID and for that I do appologize!! I have background in Accounting, but spelling is like reading another language!!)
I am hopeing my book will get here in the begining of next week and I can start gathering up materials, go raid my Mothers stash (she has been gone for 5 years now, but wins the she who dies with the most fabric...)
Thank you in advance to those of you who will be my saviors in this endevor!! Cross your fingers and if you are the praying type pray for my ability to stay on task, my tonacity for not letting anything stop me, and most importantly MY SANITY!!
thanks all,