Friday, September 30, 2011

I love blog hops!

So I like it when I am turned on to new bloggers! I have been following sewcalgal and they had a fall AccuQuiltGo! Baby! ummm how fun is this thing! Fo those of us who do not have a steady hand (me) or just for accuracy it is awsome! Have only seen it in the blogs and not in action but I am in love with it! go check out a few of the fall projects! There are great tutorials walking you through each one! I like that they are small and easy to get through!  Connie at Quilting by the River has a sweet center piece for your table! And there are bags and small quilts! Check out all the links with sewcalgal!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

QC Marathon

So for the second year in a row my Lillian was part of the QC Marathon! An amazing group of relay runners
Sarah, Ellonyia, Laura, Carrie, & Laurel
Lillian and Laura
push special needs kids in a very special wheel chair through a leg of the race! Lillian was the first leg of the race! And I was a little scared! Her pusher was smaller than she is!! but she was amazing! Of course the first leg takes the ongest because they have to start in the back of the pack due to the wheelchair! But the first of the runners came through right at a half hour (five miles in) she was in right around 55 min!! What a trouper!!
the last bend for the first leg!
Now this would have been a great start if the wather had decided to cooperate!! We live just up the hill from where the start/finish line is so we returned home for 2 hours so I could feed my starvin kid! In that time the second leg had gone and the third hand off was a success as well!! then disasture struck in the form of Mother Nature herself!! It did not rain... it POURED!! The rain began during the third leg and the poor little guy who was being pushed was in tears! They got under shelter to see if it would let up, but alas it only got worse! Parents were waiting for him about a mile up the road so they decided to push on! The gal they had scheduled for the fourth leg had a Trach and because of the rain, and by this time the VERY cold weather, could not be pushed. So Bless the runner she had to run in the downpour and push and empty chair! (there was no other way to get it to the next checkpoint!) Her strech was nothing but rain!! But she made it through like a trouper!!
By this time the rest of us were gathered together so we could cross the finish line together! The rain stopped for the fifth leg and they were able to push the final kid in the chair! We all met up about 200 yards away from the finish line and all crossed together!!
We can see the finish!!

The crew! (minus the gal that went home due to weather but have no fear she still got a metal!)
The runner on the end is a local columnest for our newspaper (and the one who had to run in the rain)! There was a write up in the local paper and a nice pic of te team crossing the finish line! Pammy's Team article! Lillian (although they misspelled her last name Sikardi not Sikarvi) is my angel and loved every minute of it! Let's hope she gets to participate next year (she's geting a little to big) and that these wonderful people will still take their time to help!
Proud Mommy!! J

Monday, September 12, 2011


Round and round we go! Forgot to trim this one down, but I think everyone gets the drift!  You are all so creative!!
I think I got a littel tight with my stitches! But Shhh dont' look that close and it just looks like part of the pattern! I think this is a 6 inch square so it will need cut down yet before I put it into the done box!!


I really do love this little guy! Not sure if the method i used was the most efficient! Btu I thought the end result was great!! (And the spots spoke to me!!
Every time I look at this I think of my honeyman saying he wants to build a moat around our house! LOL


I liked this little guy! Even with all those tiny pieces!  I prepped it and worked on the applique while Honeyman was driving!
Pieces:1016 (milestone! Broke 1000)


Hey, I'm back with another block or two! Truth be told these are the ones I had ready to take to TX with me to see my baby brother! I go two done then and have gotten the other two done here... well there was a fourth, but I made very poor choices! OK OK later blog for that one!!
Zip pop, done needs a darn good pressing! One of these days I will get those pesky little 1/4 inch bars right! Here's to trying! hehe
Squares: 52
Pieces: 994

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Door County (and more)

For Honeyman! From Dad's flannel!
It was love at first sight!
It has been a BUSY few weeks! Kids started school I had a birthday (shhh don't tell) and this past weekend was my 17 year wedding anniversary! Honeyman got me a Kindle, not sure where that thought came from! He is just full of surprises!! And I made him a computer case! Now before you get your hopes up I was short on cash and made it for free! And I have a VERY little stash!! The blue I used on the outside is incredibly thin and if I had it to do over again he might not have ended up with the blue! I did not have any batting so an old towel became my filling! There in is where the trouble lies! The terry came out the thin outer layer! The inside is an old flannel my dad brought over that was beyond worn out! I cannot believe that man was still wearing the shirt! Thank goodness my sister talked him into a few new shirts and he got rid of some old ones! (I have another that I have already began cutting prep on to use in another quilt!)
Mom and I had used towels for lining in bags a few years before she passed.. I am however sad not to have her machine! We had used a double needle and I cannot do this with my machine!
Anyway! I had insisted on Mom making me the one above! The material was from feedsacks from her parents farm! I just fell in love with it and used it all the time!


I drool!!
OK so I said Door County (WI). Honeyman and I took a weekend trip! It was a beautiful 6 hour drive and the weather, although blustery in the evening, was perfect! We went to Wine and cheese tasting at two different winerys and even took a haunted pub crawl! We stayed at a quaint little B&B and were only two blocks from the shops! There were only a couple dozen in the town we were in, but it did have the only quilt shop in the area! I had to restrain myself as we were going to go to a quilt show the next day and I was not sure if they would have anything there (kind of sad they had 'no photo' signs up at the quilt show so sorry).  I did grab several 1930's replica stuff (if you must know this is my FAVORITE fabric, but it is expensive so I do not splurge) well, Honeyman is much more ready to hand out teh money and does not often say no to me! (So I really try not to ask) But I have to share!! I know people are always trying to use up their 'stash'...but I do not yet have a stash! So I was more than happy to pull out of the 50 cent scrap bin! I probably could have pull ten times more and still found more! The bottom each was 6 precut fabrics 3 yds of material and there was only one more after these two! I picked it up and put it back probably three times (and now am sore with myself that I did not grab it! It was only 10.50 for 3 yds of material! stupid me!!)
Honeyman in our room! He is the love of my life!!

We stayed at the Barbican B&B in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Our room was huge, it had a BIG hot tub,  a sitting area,  a fire place and of course our hostess was just as pleasant as could be!
Yes, a great time was had by all! And now... well back to the daily grind! Hope this finds you all well and rested after a long holiday weekend!!