Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Door County (and more)

For Honeyman! From Dad's flannel!
It was love at first sight!
It has been a BUSY few weeks! Kids started school I had a birthday (shhh don't tell) and this past weekend was my 17 year wedding anniversary! Honeyman got me a Kindle, not sure where that thought came from! He is just full of surprises!! And I made him a computer case! Now before you get your hopes up I was short on cash and made it for free! And I have a VERY little stash!! The blue I used on the outside is incredibly thin and if I had it to do over again he might not have ended up with the blue! I did not have any batting so an old towel became my filling! There in is where the trouble lies! The terry came out the thin outer layer! The inside is an old flannel my dad brought over that was beyond worn out! I cannot believe that man was still wearing the shirt! Thank goodness my sister talked him into a few new shirts and he got rid of some old ones! (I have another that I have already began cutting prep on to use in another quilt!)
Mom and I had used towels for lining in bags a few years before she passed.. I am however sad not to have her machine! We had used a double needle and I cannot do this with my machine!
Anyway! I had insisted on Mom making me the one above! The material was from feedsacks from her parents farm! I just fell in love with it and used it all the time!


I drool!!
OK so I said Door County (WI). Honeyman and I took a weekend trip! It was a beautiful 6 hour drive and the weather, although blustery in the evening, was perfect! We went to Wine and cheese tasting at two different winerys and even took a haunted pub crawl! We stayed at a quaint little B&B and were only two blocks from the shops! There were only a couple dozen in the town we were in, but it did have the only quilt shop in the area! I had to restrain myself as we were going to go to a quilt show the next day and I was not sure if they would have anything there (kind of sad they had 'no photo' signs up at the quilt show so sorry).  I did grab several 1930's replica stuff (if you must know this is my FAVORITE fabric, but it is expensive so I do not splurge) well, Honeyman is much more ready to hand out teh money and does not often say no to me! (So I really try not to ask) But I have to share!! I know people are always trying to use up their 'stash'...but I do not yet have a stash! So I was more than happy to pull out of the 50 cent scrap bin! I probably could have pull ten times more and still found more! The bottom each was 6 precut fabrics 3 yds of material and there was only one more after these two! I picked it up and put it back probably three times (and now am sore with myself that I did not grab it! It was only 10.50 for 3 yds of material! stupid me!!)
Honeyman in our room! He is the love of my life!!

We stayed at the Barbican B&B in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Our room was huge, it had a BIG hot tub,  a sitting area,  a fire place and of course our hostess was just as pleasant as could be!
Yes, a great time was had by all! And now... well back to the daily grind! Hope this finds you all well and rested after a long holiday weekend!!


  1. Sorry to leave this message on your blog, but it was the only way for me to contact you. Your settings are as a no reply blogger, which I believe is a result of blogger/google settings still at the defaul level. If you need help changing them, let me know, but I do have screen shots and tips on the page of my blog labeled "giveaways".


  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! We've planned to get up to Door County several times but have never made it. You are very creative in your use of materials! In my stash are a bunch of old flannel shirts and jeans, and chenille bedspreads--all free or close to it!