Friday, August 12, 2011

Have you ever heard of the Tug Fest? Pobably not!!

       It is here!! My home town we have a party every year!! OK If you can picture this a GIANT rope strung accross the Mississippi river (between Port Byron, IL and LeClaire, IA) and they play tug of war!! No really that is what it is all centered around!! This year is the 25th annual Tug fest!! Someone saw this in a smaller scale in Michigan and decided it would be worth it! Was of course me with resistance! The rope 2,400 feet had to be specialy cut and spliced to work!! There was talk about not continuing in 2006 when the rope had to be replaced, but I think there would have been a rumble beside the river if that had happened!!
       OK so every year there are Fireworks on Friday night, although I thought they used to be on Saturday. it used to be a rumble over the river and a battle between the two sides. They have since pooled money and let them off from a barge out on the river!! And I just have to say, they are the most spectacular fireworks I have ever seen! They last an hour and the finally is usually 15-20 min of non stop fireworks!! These two towns are VERY small (I grew up on the main drag in Port Byron) and for them to come together like this is just awsome!
       On Saturday is the Tug itself!! There are teams for each side and rules as to how many people and how much weight can be on each team! I do have to admit I have not gone to the tug since I was young. Every year it is a battle between the sides to see who will be victor! As it stands right now IL-14, IA-10! It is an even like none you have ever seen!! These people have official judges to determine if the rope has gone far enough and it is a BRUTAL undertaking!
       They also have street games (of course there is beer or as some fo us call it 'Chugfest') they have dances and the streets of Port Byron and LeClair pack in more people than they were evern intended to hold! It is a blast!! Oh, Did I forget the Kids Tug... Well the rope is WAY to much for them to handle, so they tug over a kiddie pool! It is great fun!!
On Sunday there is a Run (5K I think but not sure) and there is also a Golf Tournament! It is just something for everyone! If you would like pics sorry I do not have them, but visit the link for the tug fest!
Tonight I will be home! Get ready for me Port Byron!!

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