Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Runion weekend!!

So my weekend has been very busy and I was having computer problems so what should have been three days worth of blogs...I will do them in two however because the second will have LOTS of pics!!
This weekend was my Glasier Family reunion! That was my Great grandparents. My grandmother would have been 100 years old this year. She was one of six children and the only one of them NOT living! We lost her in 1982 (but it might have been 83)! Anyway! My Great Aunt Margory turned 99 this year and dispite failing eyesight and hearing she is smart as they come and very quick to let you know it!! I forget how old my Great aunts Irene and Reva are, but Great aunt Lillian will turn 90 at the end of this month and wow is she a spry woman with at whitty sence of humor!! My Great Uncle George (and wife Ramona) bring up the end at 81 young years!! They were our honorees at the Reunion with a special table with flowers for each of them!! I am just in aw of each and every one of them! Sometimes I am a little jelouse that I was only five when I lost my own (and only grandparent) Grandmother (Marie). But I have a HUGE family and there is a LOT of love there!! I did not take may pics at the reunion! Well there is one I have to take! My Lillian with her Great Great Aunt Lillian!!
My Lillian (11) and her Great Great Aunt Lillian (90)
My other AAHHHHH am I really ready for this... Yesterday Baby Ellie Jo started!! Am I getting to old to sit newborns?? LOL not sure but I was rather worn yesterday!  Ellie Jo is six weeks old and was born to my Friend Liz. I cave her a tough time and told her she would find a way to name that baby after me ( my full given name is Joelle) And My mother's maiden name was Conner, Liz's son is Connor!! She just can't get away from us if she tried!!
OK the next blog here is a teaser... I picked my Dad up at his house for our family reunion...My sister (the gatekeeper, the troll guarding the bridge, you know the one) was out of town!! Well I came home with treasures and she will never realize they are gone! OK onto the next blog because I can go on forever!!
I do so love family!!

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