Monday, August 1, 2011

Pics galore of my new camper!!

Honeyman and Lillian chillin at the camper!!
Outdoor kitchen!!
 I just have to say I have the hardest time getting the pics in the right place and the words where they should be and I am writing this paragraph last and whew!! I hope you like my new toy! WE LOVE IT!! Thanks for spending time with me today!
Happy Monday!!

All in one!
TV is nicer than at home!
We spent a long weekend in the camper!! I do so love this new toy!! Some of the things I love kind of sound silly!! The outside kitchen is new to campers I think in 2010. (ours is a 2011) It has a sink, a fridge, cupboard and drawer space and under the flap there is a 2 burner stove, I percolated (oh, just found out how to spell that and I was going to put a 'u' instead of an 'o' and if you look that up it would have been a COMPLETELY different thing) my coffee on every morning! Anyway!! The other thing campers have begun to do is put the comode in the same room with the shower and sink! I know if you have never been in a camper you might be scratching your heads, but it has always been that the comode sits in this crazy narrow little room all by its little lonesome and the shower and sink are kind of hanging out in the 'hallway' between the master bedroom and the living room! Go check them out! But someone got smart and put them all together!!

Love the U shaped Dinette

And where to the doors go....

There is so much room inside to sit! The Dinette and the couch both fold into full sized beds!! The fridge inside is bigger than our last one and if you can see next to the fridge there are HUGE cupboards for food/pans/kitchen stuff! The top one is empty! LOL And where might those TWO doors go...

Pardon my mess!
 The one on the left is a big closet! It has washer/dryer hookups (if you camp that way) but there are great shelves inside!! I am just agasp at how much room this thing has! OK the other door is the kids galore room so prepare yourself!!

The very bottom left pic is the 'bunk' up over the outdoor kitchen! It has a dresser area under it and an area for a TV to hook up! I am not a fan of the TV's in the camper, but I think Honeyman is kind of leaning to a combined 'Christmas' gift for the kids! Not sure yet! That lump up on the bed is my 16 year old enjoying a little quiet time and trying to avoid my camera!!

 The very bottom right photo is the other two bed in that room all folded out ready for sleeping!! The bottom one is a couch just like in the living room and my Lillian is loveing that it is so big! The bunk above it (which is where the boy gets to crash) folds up when not in use so they can chill out on the couch and watch TV! There really is a lot of floor space when the bed is not in the way!!

I can stand up in our bedroom and not hit my head!!
Halway goin to the bathroom and 'master' bedroom.
Kaelynn's getaway!!
All made up and ready to sleep in!!                                    


  1. Very nice!!!! The all in one bathroom is wonderful and I really like the outdoor kitchen.

  2. Great camper!! I would have loved a bunkhouse when all four kids were home, but we didn't have one. The outside kitchen is a great idea for kids too! We really want a new camper, but have decided to wait for now. I really want a desk and two recliners with a full bath.