Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burried Treasures!!

Ok So I am gonna hit you hard and fast with LOTS and LOTS of pics! I was so sad to walk into my Mother's sewing room. I would not bring myself to take a pic because it was such a mess. But that works to my advantage because my Sister will NEVER know that there are things missing! I made sure I kept my treasures to things I knew my mother had purchased or made!
OK ready set...
Mom was not a Quilter, she was a seamstress. She only ever finished three full sized quilts. A dinosaur one for my oldest daughter. A green one that was on her bed (and is now destroyed because my sister took it to the basement to wash it and left it down there and it mildewed and fell apart) and this one!! This one she made for my Lillian with Kitty Cucumber material!! I was with her when she bought the material but till I was going through her sewing room I did not realize she had completed it!!  It was probably the best treasure of all a gift for my Lillian! However my son (who is holding the quilt up for me) was not as lucky. I found the bag with the material she had begun to purchase to make his quilt. Nothing had been cut and she was not finished finding just the right material. I guess I will have my work cut out for me to live up to what Mom would have done!!

There is probably 6 or 7 yards of the yellow material. And who knows there may have been another coordinating bag somewhere else! But if I know my Mother they would have all been together. She may not have been ALL together, but she did keep projects in one bag or box (but usually bags!!)

OK have to be honest and tell you I have no clue what this was for, but it was in a bag with some of the leftover Kitty Cucumber so I took it! There is a good amount of it and I think I like it! Although it does not really look like something Mom would have gotten! I might find a use for it!
I do however know these! The Yellow one is a feed sack from my Grandmother's house! I have a Bag made out of the only other large feedsack we took from there! And I am the one who snagged them up for her!! I just loved these fabrics! THEY remind me of her!!
Mom love two holidays Christmas and Halloween!! I wish that these four materials had showed up better, but they are to cute! There are three black prints the one on top came out OK the other two have ghosts like the white one and cobwebs, but they are in a rainbow metalic! Pretty cool! Oh and I will just let the Christmas speak for itself!! I only took a little!!

And finally in the bag with Darien's material there was a VERY LARGE piece of material! I figured it was just a big piece with maybe a few others rolled in the middle! BOY was I surprised!!
 The Cat print in the back has enough material for probably a queen sized quilt! That was the bulk of it! There were the other two materilas here (the dark one on the side is kind of a batic looking material but did not photo well). So then I pull out directions in my Mother's handwriting and there were a few other papers with it on construction. and in the bottom it looked like there was jsut a piece of musiln. Now I did not pull these things out till I got home! I had very limited time (and it was HOT up there)

There were all six of them that she had mapped out. finished! One has a small stain on the fabric, but I am hoping that with a little elbow grease and fancy cutting I can work around that!! And I just have to say I had to flip them over a couple of times to figure out what was the front and what was the back! Oh the craftsmanship!! She had such a wonderful hand!! I do think the cats look a little crosseyed but My Honeyman says it adds to the charachter of the cat!!

Crosseyed Kitty!!
I have stowed them away in a safe place so Hagatha will not find them if she comes over to my house! I know it sounds horrible, but I also know they are in a better place!!
Hope you find treasures, too!!


  1. Lots of wonderful treasures from your Mom's sewing room. I LOVE the cat blocks and the fabric to go with it. Sure hope Hagatha doesn't read your blog!

  2. There are two of my followers who do not have blogs of their own and I don't know, maybe it is her, maybe it is not! If so, oops! hehe But I don't even think she knows I blog! She has a blog on here and I do not follow her! Life is nutz!!

  3. What great finds!! Who put Hagatha in charge?

    My great grandma taught me to embroider and she always said the back should look as good as the front, so your mom certainly was good!