Wednesday, August 3, 2011

But I'm not that old...

She hates this pic!! That's why I used it!!
So yesterday was my sister's birthday! (you may remember her as the troll guarding the bridge to my Mother's sewing room) Anyway! I left a Happy Birthday on her FB and was floored when a few hours laster my Aunt Judy posted happy 40th on there! I exclaimed WHAT!! My sister cannot be fourty!! That would mean that I am going to be... no not even!! You see I am only 26 3/4! Just ask any of my friends they will tell you! And I have stuck to that for about 4 years now! When asked when my b-day is I will tell them it is in three months and at that time I will turn you guessed it 26 3/4!! So I am always chasing my birthday and never quite really get there!!
This is the ONLY pic I could find of the two of us together in the past 10 years!!
I occures to me that she and I are never really in the same place at the same time accept when my band plays! The pic above is at one of my gigs! The guy in the back with the very puzzled look is my Honeyman and the guy in the front is Mike Sweeny (our bass player) he is another funny story! She is 'friends' with some of the other band members and feels like if it weren't for her I would not be in the band! Well to be truthfull my Baby Brother was acctually friends with the group first! And he is the one that said when they were still doing music at church well my Sister... Shhhh we will let her think she is the Bomb!! HEHE humor the old woman!
A lot of people say she and I look alike! I say WHAAAAA!! She looks JUST like our Mother and always has. I look in the mirror and more and more every day (and the rounder my face gets) my Father is looking back at me!! I jsut don't get it! My Baby Brother is like the perfect mix of Mom and Dad!
Family!! What do you do! You just wish them a Happy Birthday and remind them that you will never be as old as they are!! LOL
Have a great day!!

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