Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So why Honeyman you ask...

You know we all have pet names for one another! Have you ever wondered why they call each other that? Sometimes it is very obvious like, do you watch How I Met Your Mother? He calls Lilly 'Lilly Pad' and she calls Marshall 'Marshmallow'! I get it! Well if you read me you know I call my Husband Honeyman (and sometimes he calls me Honeylady)!

OK to understand this you kind of have to go back a day or two. When Honeyman and I were dating I was supposed to go into the service. We sat down and had a ver rational conversation (I was 17 and he was 19) and we decided to get married because 1) of course we were MADLY in love 2) if I wanted him to live with me wherever I was stationed we had to be married 3) you make more if you are married and not single. Sound like rational thoughts right! LOL Well my ship date got pushed back THREE times! We were married Sept 3, 1994 (a week and a day after I turned 18) and now had a month and a half before my ship date! Long story, Honeymans borther killed in car accident/ trip from TX (where we were living) to IL/ Crazy stuff going on two weeks before I was supposed to ship I found out I was pregnant! Surprise!!
She started it!!
    OK fast forward to my Daughter being about four/five and all of our friends are in dating relationships, fiance gets thrown around and Poor Kaelynn is confused about the difference between wife/girlfriend/fiance!! You get the jist! Well we began to introduce our friends significant others as their Honeyman or Honeylady, it did not matter what stage of the game they were in! One friend she would ask who his Honeylady was this time! She was quick about that!! LOL!
Well, all these years later My Honeyman is still my Honeyman, oh, and plus he is a Jr, so at family functions when I say Honeyman there is no confusion I am talking to him and not his Dad! LOL! Although his family calls him Tommy and his dad Tom, but I cannot call my grown husband Tommy! LOL!!
My Honeyman! I just love that guy!!
There you have it! I know it sounds like a long story for such a short explination, but if you did not know it I come from a story teller! So it is just part of my nature!!
OK Now I have to decide on what project to choose! hhhmmmmm...

OK done for now catch you later! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So now to figure out where I am!

Honeyman's finished top
OK get out the check list...
Honeyman's top DONE!!

Name Game Swap DONE

Now onto the monthly swaps
Bee Creative 2012
   it is my month to host so I am waiting till I get the others in to decide what pinwheel to do... so not really done there and won't be done till I get them all in
We Bee Learning Feb Block

We Bee Learning (for Shilo)
 DONE and went out in the mail Monday

Comfort Quilts Feb Blocks

Comfort Quilts Swap: (for Angie)
Done (very early in the month and already in her hot little hands)

Swaps for Feb DONE and all in the mail (or at destination)

Feb Blogger BOM

Feb Bloggers BOM

OK I think that brings me all caught up and ready for March, but wait what is that you say it is not yet March! Fooey with the calendar!!
All right here we go


Bee Creative 2012: (for Margaret) DONE!! twice as a matter of a fact I whooped this bad boy up in no time and when I got done I realized I had done it back @$$ words! OOPS!! Honeyman calls the wrong one a 'Where's Waldo Block'! I did another (right this time)  and I sent them both to her! If she chooses to use it in the same quilt so be it! If she wants to rip it apart and correct it more power to her! I goofed she gains!! LOL

March Comroft Quilts
Comfort Quilts: ( for Lisa) DONE
Not in the mail I just finished them yesterday but can I say I L-O-V-E this pattern! I might just have to try doing a whole quilt in it! I will get it in the mail at the end of the week, with the two other packages that have to go out!

We Bee Learning: (for Brandie)
OK not done with this one! Give me a break she just posted what she wants! LOL WONKY STARS! I LOVE IT!! I putted all of the material for it yesterday and will do those up today! I am ubber psyched about the wonky stars! I just hope I do her proud!!

Three inch wonky stars!!

I hope I did her proud!!
 A big finish this morning and I thought I would add it in here! It is true I am off my rocker!!
You see those little guys.... they are 3 inch wonky stars! I sure hope you like it Brandie!! LOL
I even cracked open my Salt Air Charm pack!!!

Oh, I am also in another charm square swap and have two of my three colours cut up and have to get those out by the end of the week as well! so today: 1) charm squares 2) wonky stars and then... is it April yet???

I know, I know I threw a LOT of stuff into one post! I hope y'all followed me all the way through!!
Have a happy and productive day!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Please be BRUTALLY honest!!

OK! SO we all know I AM A NEWBIE HERE!! LOL! I swallowed REAL hard and signed up for a Name Game swap! I have to say one of my most difficult parts is my partner does not have a blog, or a flicker! So I had VERY little to go on! Her biggest thing... She is most proud of being a Mum and a Wife! Well I know she means Mother, and I really wish I had known the names of her kids! So, I decided to do my take on a Mum!! I have only done FMQ on practice items so this really scarred me! But all in all I am pretty happy with my results! I hope she understands this and that I did put my all into it! Even if it is crazy! But I am after all Jo Crazy Mama!! LOL

Mum at the bottom


Finished 20x20

I could not get these to flip (ggrrr) oh well you get the idea. I do still have to press it after finishing up the binding (last night at church! LOL) I decided on the FMQ less was more. I have an editing problem and have a tenancy to add till there is TOOOOO much!!! You know I am pretty proud of it, but y'all don't have to sugar coat it for me! I am a big girl and WELCOME constructive critisism!

OK, now off to work on Honeyman's Swoon! Oh, update on that, I have 2/3's of the top together! One more row to put on! I have had two nights of going to bed and not being able to sleep! After an hour of lying there I have to get up (my side is just killing me these days). On Sunday night I worked on his quilt from 11:00 till 3:30 (AM) I do not like staying up that late, but my body and mind just will not shut down and I hurt trying to stay in bed any longer! Insomnia is hell on my body, but great for my projects!
Have a great day all!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More to Swoon about

Yellow Marble Swoon Block

Red Marble Swoon Block
 Three more blocks done.

That is five down,

four to go!

Not gonna say much about them!

Oh, accept, pretend that the orange one is pressed!

Do you know it was my last one
and I had one more seam to press
and my iron says POP gone!

Dead as a doornail!!

 I have only had the thing for 17 years??!!

EEhh can't complain!

Orange Marble Swoon Block
Happy Valentines Day all!

I am without my Honeyman today!

He is at the station :( 
Had to have a sub block holder in Papas absence!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just a quick moment for an update

Stacked and ready to whack...
I came up for air! I know some of you are also on Flicker with me and I am putting my blocks on there as I go! But I've gotten two done and you know I have to share them with y'all!!
OK let me start with (close your eyes if you don't want to hear this language) crap, crap, crap, crap, and more crap! OK I kept that rather G rated!! But let me assure you it was anything but on Saturday morning!!! I started with my fussy cut centers because I figured I only needed nine of them and that would be the easiest thing to cut!!! Well instead of skipping ONE row I skipped TWO!!!!! I did not have enough for nine!! Only eight!!!! I was SSSOOOOO mad at me!! I even knew how I had to cut it to make it right! Matter of a fact I would have had enough to cut like twelve!!!! CRAAAAPPP! OK sorry! I finished all of my cutting, after a cup of coffee and a smoke!! (sorry yes I am that bad hate me it is OK! but I do go outside we do not smoke in the house, I think that is gross!!)

Yellow Strip

 I started on the Yellow stripe block at about five o'clock. But since Honeyman was on shift I had to feed my chitlins!! So time out!!! LOL!! After dinner I took a little me time (needed a bath) and then got back to my block! I kept thinking I was sooooo close to being done!! Just a little further!! Well before I knew it it was 1:00 when I put in the last seam and pressed the crap out of it!! I have to say I know I lost a lot of my points! How come it is easier to keep points in little stuff than in this gynormo block??

Orange Print

I got up this morning at 7:15 when Honeyman got home from work. I made my coffee, read my blogs, and then got to my block!! I had to break for a two hour rehearsal (I am playing for Fat Tuesday at Church). OK, Home again!! Finished up just before 5:00! In time to fix dinner!! I am not a fan of this orange print! it was not straight and there for I could not make it straight in the block grrr again! Honeman says he is glad I did not find the light grey! He likes the med grey!! I guess it was the universe knowing what I needed after all!!! LOL!!

These were the only 'directional' prints I have, I   think I  am going to work on three at once the next time so  there is a little less up and down between the sewing machine, ironing board and cutting table (I cut and re size as I go because I am that anal)! Wish me luck!!

OK all! I hope your weekend was as productive as mine!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

If I go MIA...

Well here I am cursing under my breath... at whoever started this madness. (I did find out it is a Thimble Blossoms pattern by Camille Roskelley) Well, If anyone remember the material I bought for Honeyman's quilt... well, the more I looked at the squares I wanted to do, the more I decided they were NOT right... reason one, they are five or ten inch squares and I had bought quarter yard of most of the materials. Now I could have sized it down to four inch, but then I would once again get into it being to small. That and I did one of the squares with four inch squares and once it was put together...I no longer liked it!! LOL!! OK this being said, I am going to set a swoon on fire!! I have recalculated the 'pattern'(my block was only 16 inches and it should have been 24 oops!) and that means the center square is six inches... PERFECT for the 'window' material I bought!!
Now my partial woe! I decided I wanted Kona Light Grey for the background. I went to BOTH of our local Hancock Fabrics (last night) and do you know neither of them had ANY grey solid! In Kona or Wendover. Well I tell you Honeyman is on shift today so it is going to be a day of cutting and getting started so you know I did not want to wait for a package!! Well I went to JoAnn's and they had two bolts of the Med Grey. There was not six yards between the two bolts and it was in three pieces. I did have a half off coupon and since I am using it in a quilt and will be cutting it up anyway I think  the smaller pieces will be OK. It was NOT the colour I had wanted, but I think it will work fine!
Here goes all, I am jumping into a project and I do have a tenancy of getting lost for a while! So if I have not been heard form for a few days... someone be sure to throw a piece of meat into my cage!! LOL!!
I am off to swoon!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

go for a great giveaway!!

I love me a good giveaway! Over at Lily's Quilts She is having a GREAT one!! Pop over there and check her out! She is also an amazing quilter and is ALWAYS working on something beautiful!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

All right who started this madness??

I gave in! I swooned!! I don't who the pattern is from. I did not use one. Of course I guess if I had read a little bit about this block first I would have realized that it is supposed to be a 24 inch block... mine is 16 inches. Maybe I will do up another that is 24 and see if I like it! I am still not sold on the block! There for I am not even sure what I am going to do with this one! LOL Thats all I have to say about that!!!
Have a great day all!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Have you read Hunger Games?

So I am not sure If I have ever told y'all that I am not a big reader. I am dyslexic and have a very difficult time reading. So when I do find a book I love... Well my MIL bought the Hunger Games books a few months ago and gave them to my Daughter. She read them and passed them on to me. I have to say ME who takes a month to read a book flew through these books in two days each. Hunger Games is a trilogy that takes place in the future. They are not for the light of heart because they do involve kids killing each other. They have been on Amazon top 100 list for over 600 days!!! And they are still at number one, two, and three!!! Honeyman also ready through them (however it only took him an afternoon to read each one)
I did have a difficult time at first because it is written in first person as if the evens are taking place right now (if that makes sense) But once I got that down I was hooked!!! Well, they are making a movie! Go there and you will see the trailer! I have a countdown clock on my google page because I am actually excited about a movie coming out! I have not been to the movies in probably a year and a half!
Well, I decided that I had to read the fist book again before the movie comes out! My Son and I sit down each evening and read one chapter! He reads a page and then I read a page or two and so on! I think it is a great way to get involved in him learning to read! He is so cute, when I am reading aloud to him he corrects me when I goof on a word or skip over a word! I think this is great because it means he is paying attention even when he is not reading! When we get done with our reading for the evening I do make him recap what has happened in that chapter and put it in his own words and we talk about it! He is such a sweet soul and always has a lot of questions and ideas about what we just read!
The books are written for teens and he is 10, so I do think you have to know your kid and know if these books are right fro your kid or not, but I know he is loving the process!
My sister (who works at a library) had to borrow the books from us because there is such a long waiting list for checking them out, but I do think she is even looking forward to the movie.
My Boy! Darien.
If any of you remember 'Running Man' with Arnold Schwarzenegger it kind of reminds me of that in a small way (not that that was a good movie because it was not) anyway! Check them out! See what you think! I know they are not for everyone, but I really do like them! They get you thinking and are entertaining!
Oh, if you are wondering ... 48 days, 10 hours, and 55 min till the movie comes out! Oh and it has Stanley Tocci and Donald Sutherland in it! I love Stanley Tocci! He cracks me up!! 'My name is Muerte' hehe (thanks to all who get that one!
Have a great Saturday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

FMQ Challenge Feb

first attempt
OK, so I really really LOVE the look of feathering!! I am getting a little better, I think! LOL I did three different ones! The first one I did and could not figure out why mine looked so funny! Well silly me I had not done them 'tear drop' shaped! So I think it looks like butterflies on crack! he he!
Take 2!

Close up of #2

 I still have to work on keeping my lines a little more steady! and not clustering the 'vines' so much! But I think if it was in more of a neutral colour it really wouldn't look quite as bad. I was much more pleased with my tension this time around and I think I will try this again this weekend to see if I can steady my hand a little more,
My Lillian loved what I was doing so my third one I put a border on added her name and gave it to her! She was pleased with the results! LOL Bless that little girl!!

Still trying,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I finished something!!

Well it is my VERY FIRST EVER DONE PROJECT!!! YUP!! Till now I have only been a piecer! Well for the first several months of this journey I had only worked on Jane pieces! So, I did not branch out to other things till well, till I started doing the QuiltUberFest!! (that was in October) So! I had participated in a fall fabric swap and I pulled out some of them and used a disappearing nine patch pattern. I didn't really use a pattern I just kind of winged it! LOL! 
I am also not very comfortable with my FMQ skills so I just did simple lines!

Close Up
 When I was done with it my dear son asked what it was for! I said nothing and he was confused! Oh, well! He actually likes the back better than the front! And to be truthful I am kind of that simple gal myself! I know, I know it is blue! But to be honest because I was only doing this ad a just because and had no real plan for it this was the material I had an abundance of! So that is what I used! I do like the combo of colours! even if the back is blue! I will find the right person who will like it!

I like a little something on the back and don't want it to be just plain material so I did a coin strip down the center of the back! I like it!