Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday morning Diamonds (still 3... and two halves!!)

Well, we had an AMAZING weekend weather wise! Honeyman was off Friday and Saturday so we decided to pull the camper out! And guess who didn't take any hand work with her??? This gal!!
I did the inside of two diamonds done! So my count still stands at three (and two halves!!) There seems to be a LOT of blues and yellow going on here! I will have to find more reds and pinks to balance this out! A laid back kind of day today! I hope to get these two done while the kids play outside today!
 I do love this 80 degree weather!! It can stay this way for another couple of weeks and I would be VERY happy!!
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I hope everyone is having and AMAZING day!
Have a great week!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

EPP Monday Morning Diamond count (3)

Going to try to be better about linking up and being accountable! Trying anyway!!
I have two more diamonds to add to my new pile! I have to pick up background so I can add that to my finished diamonds and really call each one 'done'! I'm pretty sure I'm doing a black background because... well that's just my go to!! I love it and bright colours!!
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Twisted Sister Finished!

Anticipation is the worst!! Why does it take two hours for the washer and dryer to deliver to me my finished quilt??
A little bit back I finished a quilt top! OK YES the date on that IS Jan of 2012!! I have more tops finished than I care to admit! This one I had all pin basted and ready to quilt! I started and then didn't know if I liked what I was doing! At that point however I was WAY to far into quilting it to even THINK about pulling out the stitches! So it sat in the WIP pile!!
Easy Street
I am still having troubles with my long arm (GRRRRR) and am calling in today to see if I can send it in! (and this time I will NOT speak to Scott because he was just not nice!!)  I WILL get this beast fixed because my goal is to get my Celtic Solstice quilted prior to starting Bonnie's QAL this year!! (and my Easy Street!!! OOPS!! And Oops again I don't think I ever posted a finished pic of the top! Not like me!) Well here's my Easy Street... a quarter of it anyway! I'm not sure if I like it but the Brat has laid claim to it and says she likes it! So, when I get it finished it will go to her!!

OK, my Dryer has finished and here we go Twisted Sister!! FINISHED!!!
Twisted Sister!
Wrinkled goodness!!!

Normally I like to piece a back, I did not however piece this back and I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with this little critter! I will say this is the first quilt (other than the quillows) that I machine stitched the binding! I'm not really a fan of it, but I do like to have it in my wheelhouse just in case!!

And just my luck, too... I was going to link up a Friday Finish with crazy mom quilts and there is no link this week! Shall I tell her it is my fault because the universe is shocked I had something to contribute!! LOL

Crazy stuff my friends!!!! Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Star Dust Quilt Along

Fabric pull!
Howdy friends! It's been a minute or two!! To tell the truth not much gets done over the summer! That's family and vacation time! The kids are now back to school and I have my nap time back to get down to business!!
I LOVE Tula Pink! I love her fabric, her patterns!! She just speaks to me!!! I would LOVE to try her butterfly quilt! But for now John decided to start in a QAL!! I'm in!!! I love the look of Space Dust and decided WHY NOT!!!
I did start a week late, but I'm all caught up now!!! I decided to pull fabrics from my stash! Aren't we always trying to use what we have?? I will have to get more for the background! I'm running low!!

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
 I do love how bright the colours are against the black background!! I am a bright gal!! I have the first 5 rows done and only have one more to go!
Row 5 #SDQAL

I hope to sit at my machine for a bit today! Thank goodness it's a holiday weekend!!!
Hope everyone has a great one!!!
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