Friday, September 19, 2014

Twisted Sister Finished!

Anticipation is the worst!! Why does it take two hours for the washer and dryer to deliver to me my finished quilt??
A little bit back I finished a quilt top! OK YES the date on that IS Jan of 2012!! I have more tops finished than I care to admit! This one I had all pin basted and ready to quilt! I started and then didn't know if I liked what I was doing! At that point however I was WAY to far into quilting it to even THINK about pulling out the stitches! So it sat in the WIP pile!!
Easy Street
I am still having troubles with my long arm (GRRRRR) and am calling in today to see if I can send it in! (and this time I will NOT speak to Scott because he was just not nice!!)  I WILL get this beast fixed because my goal is to get my Celtic Solstice quilted prior to starting Bonnie's QAL this year!! (and my Easy Street!!! OOPS!! And Oops again I don't think I ever posted a finished pic of the top! Not like me!) Well here's my Easy Street... a quarter of it anyway! I'm not sure if I like it but the Brat has laid claim to it and says she likes it! So, when I get it finished it will go to her!!

OK, my Dryer has finished and here we go Twisted Sister!! FINISHED!!!
Twisted Sister!
Wrinkled goodness!!!

Normally I like to piece a back, I did not however piece this back and I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with this little critter! I will say this is the first quilt (other than the quillows) that I machine stitched the binding! I'm not really a fan of it, but I do like to have it in my wheelhouse just in case!!

And just my luck, too... I was going to link up a Friday Finish with crazy mom quilts and there is no link this week! Shall I tell her it is my fault because the universe is shocked I had something to contribute!! LOL

Crazy stuff my friends!!!! Have a great weekend!!


  1. That Twisted Sister quilt is gorgeous! I love the bright, happy colors and the quilting looks awesome! Yay for a finish!!! Feel free to send some mojo my way... :)

  2. Your Twisted Sister quilt is beautiful Josie! That is too bad you are having trouble with your new long-arm frustrating!

  3. Congrats on the finish!!! It's lovely!

  4. Yippie for your finish! Bright and happy it is, and I do like the quilting! Hope your long arm issues can quickly be resolved.

  5. I really like your Twisted Sister quilt - love the colors against the white. Nice!