Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pillow Hop

I have to first apologize! I had looked over the info. I knew I was to post on the 29th! I got home VERY late on the 27th to find that somehow I missed the date change! Yes, friends my day was changed and supposed to be on the 27th! And let me go further and say I even posted the CORRECT schedule... set it to post for DECEMBER 21st!!! I am winning all around!
To further add insult to injury, my pillow is not complete! I only have a top! I will not give excuses, I just did not manage my time well!
With all of that said!! Let me introduce you to another Josie rule breaker!
First I want y'all to know... I did mine half the size of the pattern! YUP! And I think I am going to make it into a wall hanging and not a pillow. Yet another reason I did not finish, I am still deciding how to finish it! Why half size??? The truth is I have 600 four inch Christmas squares! I have no Christmas stash and decided this would be a great challenge to get to use some of my squares! I think it is a little dark and I might just skip the windows altogether! What do you think??
 I do love the little chimney!! he he it is just way to cute!
 I do hope everyone is having a great time on the hop! There are so many talented and creative quilters out there!! A HUGE thanks to Madame Sam and Pauline for hosting!! Please don't hang me by my toes for this one!!

Please also make sure to check out the other amazing bloggers and their pillows!!

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Thanks so much for visiting!!
Josie :o)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Festival of Trees parade (part 2)

Look ma no hands!
Just going to say Happy Thanksgiving! I am sad to say Honeyman is working today as is my MIL and Brother in law! So my Thanksgiving is spent with another fire family!
I hope everyone gets to spend time with the ones they hold dear and I send out love to those families who cannot be together!
As promised here are more parade pics!!

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More balloons!

These balloons danced the whole parade!

Don't you think they would get heavy after a while!

Wells Fsrgo horses! Beautiful creatures!

What balance!

This little guy and his baton... WOW!!!


That's my present!!!


Library Dog

Santa Mobile! This is in EVERY parade in the Quad Cities... ALL YEAR LONG!!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Josie :o)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Festival of trees Parade (part 1)

Proud to be an American!
So, I have to make an admission! Every year the weekend before Thanksgiving our area has the Festival of Trees. It is a huge Christmas display and costs a pretty penny to get in. I went every year the kids were in Pre school as a chaperon. but have not been there since the kids stopped going.
Festival of Trees Balloon
BUT to kick off the FOT they have a HUGE parade. Now this event has been going on for 26 years. In that time I had NEVER been to the parade! It is the LARGEST balloon parade in the mid west!!! But to be honest it is normally cold and wet outside so I don't go. This past weekend the weather was beautiful! Honeyman was off that day so I decided we were going to go!! I have to say I am glad we did!!
Now I am going to hit you with a MASSIVE amount of pics! LOL I decided to do two posts because it made sense to hit you with the things that make our Quad Cities so special and then all the Christmas stuff! So please enjoy (and know I took these from my phone so the quality might not be the best!!

Bet you have never seen Deere like this!! LOL

YUP those are John Deere tractors pulling Santa's sleigh

These kids are SO energetic!

Quad Cities home of John Deere


sponsored by Alcoa!

'Quad Cities style pizza'!

More Deere

LOTS of bands!

I love the little Medic Ambulance!

Support our Firefighters!

Fire Fighters Dragon!

Supporting our Arsonal Island!!
Local Hospital
Sorry Kim, not a single IH in the bunch! Just Deere! LOL
Stop back to check out more balloons!
Hve a great Day!
Josie :o)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November...wait, what

Holy, where in the world did this month go because all of the sudden it is the 15th!
 I have not gotten my swap stuff done! (I hate it when I push those to the middle or end of the month!)
 I pulled fabric the other day for my next row, and then it did not happen!
 I haven't even bought the fabric for the upcoming blog hop (more info on the Pillow Lane later!!)
I tell you! You forget how much work a new baby is!!! (if y'all remember one of my Mommies I watch for had a little guy in Aug and he started here the end of Oct.) Luke is a little more work than his very patient sister was! He is cute as a button so I don't mind all the cuddle time! But my two hour nap time (that was my stitching time) has become non existent!

So, what have I been doing while rounding out my flat bottom... none other than half inch hexis of course! I found a pattern I am LOVING!!! Go check out La Passion! Of course, I am not a blue fan so I am doing ... black and gray and red and white and who knows I might end up with more in it when I get to the outer rounds!
She says there are over 12,000 hexis! Holy Carp (yup I said carp that keeps my G rating!! LOL)!!!! I say bring it on!! I mean if you are going to do it you might as well go all out right!  So, here is the beginning of my hexi work!!! I am NOT planning on a lot of fussy cutting! Trying to go with more all over prints or mild 'non' print stuff! I have 7 flowers (of the 19) for round 1 done! then...all of the 114 white ones! Busy work! And I can do it while under a little critter!!
This weekend I AM going to get my Bee blocks done so I can mail them out by Monday!!
Have a GREAT weekend all!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kaye England came to see us!

Can I tell you she is a hoot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her zany sense of humor! The llama story... priceless!! And her Aunt Jelou... Come on I can see it!!


I only took pics of some of the AMAZING quilts she brought! I could have stared at them for HOURS!! Now, I do NOT have the names for most of  these beauties and for that I apologize! I am just going to bombard you with photo after photo after photo and if you have never seen them up close... please try to make it somewhere she is!!
I didn't get to ask her but how flustered would a long armer bee if you took them a quilt and said in each of these blocks I need the name of a state and a year!  Well, to be honest hers probably not so much because I imagine she keeps her in business! :o) a great relationship with your long armer! You be good to them!!  I loved this one even before I saw it up close and knew the story! Probably my favorite!
I do believe that this one is clam shell, because I looked at the pattern to purchase!
Can you guess how small these baskets were! Now I didn't measure them, but I think they were close to a 3 inch square!! Holy moses!!
I love this variation of a postage stamp! I might have to think long and hard about this one!
And there were SO many more quilts! (sorry about the pics, they are from my phone!) I so very much enjoyed having her come visit our guild! I keep saying one of these times when we get a guest I am GOING to do the workshops! But alas it has not yet worked out for me! NEXT TIME! LOL

I hope some of these inspired you like they have me! In the mean time Bee in my Bonnet has row 6 up! I am off to work on some Coffee Cups! More on that ... I'm gonna shoot for Friday!!
Have fun Stitchin!
Josie :o)