Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Festival of trees Parade (part 1)

Proud to be an American!
So, I have to make an admission! Every year the weekend before Thanksgiving our area has the Festival of Trees. It is a huge Christmas display and costs a pretty penny to get in. I went every year the kids were in Pre school as a chaperon. but have not been there since the kids stopped going.
Festival of Trees Balloon
BUT to kick off the FOT they have a HUGE parade. Now this event has been going on for 26 years. In that time I had NEVER been to the parade! It is the LARGEST balloon parade in the mid west!!! But to be honest it is normally cold and wet outside so I don't go. This past weekend the weather was beautiful! Honeyman was off that day so I decided we were going to go!! I have to say I am glad we did!!
Now I am going to hit you with a MASSIVE amount of pics! LOL I decided to do two posts because it made sense to hit you with the things that make our Quad Cities so special and then all the Christmas stuff! So please enjoy (and know I took these from my phone so the quality might not be the best!!

Bet you have never seen Deere like this!! LOL

YUP those are John Deere tractors pulling Santa's sleigh

These kids are SO energetic!

Quad Cities home of John Deere


sponsored by Alcoa!

'Quad Cities style pizza'!

More Deere

LOTS of bands!

I love the little Medic Ambulance!

Support our Firefighters!

Fire Fighters Dragon!

Supporting our Arsonal Island!!
Local Hospital
Sorry Kim, not a single IH in the bunch! Just Deere! LOL
Stop back to check out more balloons!
Hve a great Day!
Josie :o)

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