Thursday, November 15, 2012

November...wait, what

Holy, where in the world did this month go because all of the sudden it is the 15th!
 I have not gotten my swap stuff done! (I hate it when I push those to the middle or end of the month!)
 I pulled fabric the other day for my next row, and then it did not happen!
 I haven't even bought the fabric for the upcoming blog hop (more info on the Pillow Lane later!!)
I tell you! You forget how much work a new baby is!!! (if y'all remember one of my Mommies I watch for had a little guy in Aug and he started here the end of Oct.) Luke is a little more work than his very patient sister was! He is cute as a button so I don't mind all the cuddle time! But my two hour nap time (that was my stitching time) has become non existent!

So, what have I been doing while rounding out my flat bottom... none other than half inch hexis of course! I found a pattern I am LOVING!!! Go check out La Passion! Of course, I am not a blue fan so I am doing ... black and gray and red and white and who knows I might end up with more in it when I get to the outer rounds!
She says there are over 12,000 hexis! Holy Carp (yup I said carp that keeps my G rating!! LOL)!!!! I say bring it on!! I mean if you are going to do it you might as well go all out right!  So, here is the beginning of my hexi work!!! I am NOT planning on a lot of fussy cutting! Trying to go with more all over prints or mild 'non' print stuff! I have 7 flowers (of the 19) for round 1 done! then...all of the 114 white ones! Busy work! And I can do it while under a little critter!!
This weekend I AM going to get my Bee blocks done so I can mail them out by Monday!!
Have a GREAT weekend all!!


  1. I love looking at hexies but....just can't make myself stitch one yet. If I get addicted as I see others doing I won't get any UFOs finished! blessings, marlene

  2. Nice. I know all about sewing those 1/2-inch hexies. I've made a few but 12,000? 12,000 makes what size quilt? I better get back to my sewing....